My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


17. World knows?

-------------- Next day -----------------

Nicole's P.O.V

"Louis, are you positively sure that the world didn't find out yet?" I asked pacing around the room "Positive" he reassured me "Okay" I log on on twitter and saw this trending: #LouisAndNicoleForever   Then a picture of me and Louis kissing on our first day "Fans are supportive" I smiled at Louis "Told yah nothing to be worried about" he said tickling me. "I guess so." I said laughing. "Hey Nic, Lou, coping with hate?" Casey asks "For your information we aren't getting hate we're being supported" I said with a cocky smirk on my face "DUH! Of course you would cause you are my friend and i'm beautiful and your not!" Casey said in a fake snobby voice "#Ouch #DoubleOuch #TripleOuch" I replied putting my hand on my chest "So I gotta go to the bathroom" I announced


Casey's P.O.V

"Lou, i'm gonna go wake up Niall." I said excusing myself from his bunk to go to Niall's. "Hey babe" i said waking him up "Morning beautiful" he replied in his morning voice "Hahaha Thanks :)" I said blushing. Can't believe that we talk like a couple but we aren't.... oh well. "BREAKFAST! HARRY'S COOKING" Louis screamed from down stairs "Sorry Niall, ILY" I semi-shouted and pushed him and ran for food getting the most obviously "HEY! YOU WERE ABLE TO GET MORE THAN ME!!" Niall whined. "Finders keepers, loser weepers" I taunted "Harry!" Niall screamed pouting "Yes?" "Casey's being a meanie" "Whatever" "You ignored me?! I'm hurt" he said putting a hand on his chest "Whatever" i said going to wake up Isabelle.


Isabelle's P.O.V

"WAKE THE PANCAKES UP!" Casey said pushing me off the bed "Ouch" i said going back to sleep hoping she'd leave me alone "NO! TIME FOR BREAKFAST AND SCHOOL!" she screamed "I don't wanna" i whined throwing a pillow at her face "Fine don't eat Harry's cooking" she said as i shot up from bed "H-harry's c-c-cooking?" She stuttered "Yeah, totally deliciou-" she was cut of by me speeding downstairs "FOOD" i yelled "Here cupcake!" Harry said giving me a plateful of food "By the way you look cute in your jamies" he whispered and i blushed and he just chuckled. "HEAD OFF TO SCHOOL!" Nicole shouted "Okay" we all said in union 


Ariana's P.O.V

Casey, Nicole, Isabelle and I are getting along pretty well. Isabelle is my closest obviously! Next is Casey then Nicole and Perrie. Although Perrie we only skype her. "Wouldn't be so cute if they went out?" I whispered to Casey's ear "Yeah, it's obvious she likes Harry" She whispered back "Hello! You hypocrite! You like Niall DUH!" Nicole whispered joining our whispering conversation" I looked at Casey she was blushing and looking down. "anyway let's go to our classes." i said. Classes went by except when Louis and Nicole had to do a romantic comedy along with Niall and Casey. Script:

Nicole: I love you! My one and only! You complete me *then nicole runs toward louis, niall behind him*

Louis: *opens his arms out wide*

Nicole: *Hugs Niall instead*

Louis: Girl it should be me, driving to your house, knocking on your door, hugging you very tight. Holding on your hand dancing in the dark. Cause i was the only one that loved you from the start

Niall: SHE'S MINE!

Casey: That should be me, holding your hand. That should be me you saying she's yours. That should be me! This is so sad.....

Liam: A musical?


Me: Aren't we college?

The four again: Uh. COLLEGE MUSICAL..............

Isabelle and Harry: I'm sexy and i know it




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