My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


22. WHAT?!

Cody's P.O.V

We already landed in London time to call Niall. *ring ring ring* "Hello" Niall answered in the phone "Niall, mate, me at Serena are already here" i said tapping my foot on the floor "Okay I'll excuse myself from Casey" He said "Bye" "Bye". "Hey Babe, let's buy something for the gang hmm??" Serena asked sweetly "Yeah sure" I replied looking for a store "There!" she said pointing to a store

Niall's P.O.V

"Okay bye" i said into the phone. "Who's that??" Casey asks "No one" I said "Niall?" she said in a knowing tone "I gotta go" I said grabbing my keys and drove to the airport. I arrived at the airport hiding myself with a hood holding up a sign saying 'Cody' "Over here!" someone shouted from a near by store "Hi Cody" i said once i saw him "Hey Niall. Anyway this is Serena" Cody said pointing to the pretty blonde girl "Hey Niall :)" she said smiling "Hi, so let's get going hmm?" I said pulling them out of the store "Wait, i need to pay" Serena says going to the counter "Nonsense i will." Cody says paying "Thank you Cody" Serena said. After Cody payed we drove to the university "Here we are" I said "Okay let's go to principal hault" Cody said holding Serena's hand. We sneak in without anyone noticing. Serena knocks on the door "Come in" Principal H. says "Hi Niall! Who are these two?" she says eyeing cody and Serena. "I'm Cody Rhythm. And this is Serena Gray. We are the transferred students." Cody introduced "Oh okay then, just so you know, This became a drama camp so mostly performing arts and one year certified to graduate this is a legit school" Principal H. reminded "Okay" serena said "Now you bunk with Casey because the other room is with Justin and Chassidy along with Miley and Selena. Taking you won't like them" she said "We understand" they both said in unison "Wow , how many people are in that room?" Serena asked "Well, there's The boys that's 5 plus Casey, Nicole and Isabelle so that's 8 and Ariana 9 plus you two 11. So without you guys we're 9 WITH you guys we're 11" I said "Wow! We're a lot" Serena said looking at Cody "But we got the biggest room. x3 (times three) of Chassidy's" I said "Okay" Cody said opening the door. Yet no one noticed. Cody whispers to me "I'll put my eyes behind Casey" "Okay" I answer

Cody's P.O.V

I run behind Casey and close her eyes. "Who's this?" She said freaking out "Relax you know him" Nicole said "Niall???" She said in excitement "No babe sorry," I replied uncovering her eyes while smirking "Well, uh, CODY!!!!!!!" She shouted jumping on me "What did I miss?" she asked smiling "I have a girlfriend..." I said, the room grew silent....... Shiz! I shouldn't have told her :( I thought to myself then,....... Casey squealed "WHO!" She asked eagerly "Me" Serena said coming beside me as i wrapped my arm around her waist "OMG CUTEST COUPLE EVER!!" She shouted "NO!" Nicole protested "ME AND LOUIS ARE!!!" she whined. Louis kissed her cheek and said "Who cares? They suck we're the best and if you believe, we'll always be together" he said ending his words with a passionate kiss "Awwwww...................... Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!! GET A ROOM" Everyone screamed. They ignored us "No, me and Harry are the best!" Isabelle said while Harry was holding her waist whispering sweet things in her ear . I'm gonna tell this school is great

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