My Talented Story

~~~~~ Edited <3 ~~~~~~
It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


3. The results of the judging

------ 1 hour later --------

"They take forever!" Isabelle complained sitting on the chair next to me. "It only took an hour. Maybe we were so good they were just having a hard time choose you know?" I said staring at Nicole who was silently humming to Louis' solo in Over Again "Yeah like that's a possibility" Isabelle said sarcastically. Did I mention we were hard core directioners? We supported them since they got grouped up in X-Factor. I have a soft spot for Niall and Nicole has a soft spot for Louis and Isabelle likes Harry. 

----- 10 mins later-----

"Okay girls and boys, who ever's names are mentioned will pass" Principal Hault announced "Okay Principal Hault" we all said in Union "Jesse, Charlie, Josh, Nicole, Isabelle and Casey" Mr. Reese recited reading from a paper. Me, Nicole and Isabelle screamed as we heard our names as well as the others. "Calm down! Here are your tickets and your leaving tomorrow morning" Vice Principal Luna said firmly. "Yes VP Luna" we all said smiling. It was sad to see a lot didn't get in we were like 10-30 people auditioned and only 6 got in. Well this is a hard core school with celebrities. "OH MY GOSH WE PASSED!!!" Nicole yelled excitedly as we left the room and got into Isabelle's car "I KNOW RIGHT?!" Isabelle yelled at the exact same tone as Nicole "But I'll miss our family" I said looking outside the window "I know but that's the consequences" Isabelle said. Out of a of us Isabelle has always been the "mature but sassy" one of the group and Nicole was the "kiddie one" and i was the "unique" one. I remembered what my mom said so I decided to text her:

To: Mommy :P 

Fr: Casey

Mom! I'm riding home with Isabelle okay? We'll go to the mall and then head home. Guess what?!? I PASSED!


To: Casey

Fr: Mommy

That's great honey. Ttyl ;P


i laughed reading the text my mom sent me cause she actually said "ttyl". "OH I FORGOT!" I yelled as I grabbed my diary and made an entry:


What's up mofo of a book? Anyway get this, I PASSED ATENEO DE LASSALE UNIVERSITY!! ALONG WITH ISABELLE AND NICOLE!! We are even riding together and rooming together anyway got to go shopping for clothes! Xoxo Casey


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