My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


26. That Pang Of Jealousy is OVER

Casey's P.O.V

"So where are we going?" I ask Drake as we go in his car. "If i remember correctly my Casey Cat loves private places am I right?" Drake says looking over at me "Yeah!!" I said. "Case, can I ask you a question?" Drake asked. "Uh yeah,  SHOOT" I said smiling. "what's up with you and that Niall fellow?" he asked. Then my smile turned into a frown


Drake's P.O.V 

When I asked her that question her smile slowly turned into a frown. "Why are you frowning?" I asked. "Well, we had a long story, long story short, he broke my heart dating another girl and now he wants me after he broke up with the girl he dated, which is probably my best friend now."  She said. "Oh, you okay?" I asked concerned "I'm fine, just sad that I lost a friend" she said looking down 

I tilted her chin up and said "It's okay, case, just be friends with him again, and avoid conflicts" then I peck her lips. "Why aren't we moving?" she asks "Cause, we're here" I said taking,saving the door and being all gentleman like by opening the door for Casey. "Thank you" she said in a fake posh accent. "Why, your welcome" I say in a fake posh accent also. 

She laughed in return. 

That smile, is one of the reasons why I love my Casey cat.

"Why are you staring like a weirdo" Casey said snapping me out of my thoughts. "I am not, I was just thinking" I said. "Yeah right weirdo" Casey said rolling her eyes playfully. "I AM NOT A WEIRDO" I screamed "Now you sound like Louis" she said rolling her eyes

I laughed in reply. "But i am not a weirdo!!" I said

"You are, you're MY weirdo" she said hugging me. I felt my cheeks heat up, dammit Drake, YOU'RE the one who's supposed to make her blush not HER making YOU blush I think to myself. "So babe, where are we?" She asks looking around

I laughed at her just realizing we're in the middle of "nowhere" note the fake quotations 

"Why are we in the middle of nowhere?" she asked

I laughed again 

"Stop laughing" Casey said pouting "Sory Casey bear you're just funny" I said trying to stop laughing. "Fine, so seriously where are we?" she asked. "We're in a field, where we can do absolutely nothing but play" I said smiling. She looked up and leaned in and we shared a passionate kiss


Niall's P.O.V

"Are you okay?" Gelic and Isa say at the exact same time when Casey and Drake left. "Uh yeah, I thought you aren't talking to me" I said looking over at Isa. She shrugs and says "I was but now i pity you" 

"I don't need no pity party" I said as i felt tears coming 

"Don't cry" Gelic cooed "You'll be alright" Nicole said "How?!?! I lost Casey as a friend and i have no chance" I said crying "You do" they all said in unison. "How do you guys know?" I asked wiping my tears "DUHHH! We've been friends with Casey for a long time, you think we wouldn't know?!" Nicole and Isa said together "Oh" i said "So you have to get up and win you-" Nicole was cut of by the door opening

"Bye Drake, thanks for everything!!!" I heard Casey shout. "Hey guys!!!" She scremaed. "Hi" Nicole and Isa and Gelic said in unsion. "hey" Casey said walking over to me. I looked around seeing if there was someone beside me or Ariana is there or something "I'm talking to you silly"  Casey said touching my hand. I pull my hand away. "W-why are you talking to me?" I stutter "Because I wanted to say i'm sorry, You aren't an ass. You're the best guy friend ever" She said smilingt "thanks" I say happr we're friends but sad we can't be anything more "So best friend.... RACE YOU TO THE KITCHEN" she screamed leaving "MY FOOD" i said running after her


Gelic's P.O.V (ooohhhh isn't this a rare darling?)

"Ahhhh young love" i say sipping tea. "Yep, they just don't realize it. Right Nicole" Isa asks looking at nicole "Hmm?" Nicole said looking away from the faucet which had her attention the while time. "Never mind" Isa said rolling her eyes

"}Stop that's rude" I said to Isa

"}What is?" Isa asked

"Rolling your eyes" I said "AWWWWW ANGELICA IS A TRUE ANGEL!!!!!!!!!" Nicole screamed "Nuh uh" I said "YES" her and Isa say in unsion. I roll my eyes at them

"YOU ROLLED YOUR EYES" Isa screamed pointing at me. "ugh... I give up" i said walking away


Nicole's P.O.V

"I'm gonna check on Louis okay Isa?" i say looking over at Isa "yeah, i know you can't stand 30 mins without your boo bear" she teased I rolled my eyes "Whatever" I say "Speaking of which, I gotta go see Harry" Isa says leaving "Hypocrite" I mutter


Isa's P.O.V


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