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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


21. Surprised 0.0

Short Author's note: 

Oii Liking the fanfic? Like, Favorite, comment and fan :). So Mafs, The contest is over! found someone already. Sorry Mafs :/ Unto the story:

Cody's P.O.V

"That was great" Ms. Poopy said "Thanks ma'am" I replied joyfully "So i have chosen you to fly to London" she said smiling. "B-but seriously? Who am I going with? Where am i going??" I asked "We have no idea who you'll go with. And your going to Ateneo De Lasalle University." She stated "For a few weeks?" I asked "No. until you graduate" She said "I GET TO SEE MY SISTER!" i shouted "Yes but you have to pick your partner!" Ms. Poopy said sternly "Great! I obviously choose Serena!" I said "Mr. Rhythm, Be sure she won't distract you" she said warningly "She won't" I said rolling my eyes. You guys are probably wondering who's Serena. Well, Serena's my long term girlfriend. No. Casey doesn't know about her. Why is that you ask? Because I got together with Serena two days after Casey left. So yeah, but yes i have been skyping. I just didn't wanna tell her virtually okay? "You'll be leaving tomorrow" Ms. Poopy said "Make sure you told Ms.      That she's going with you" she added "Yes Miss." I ran off to find Serena "Hey Serena!" I said smiling like an idiot as I see her talking to one of our close friends Skylar. "Hey baby" Serena said sweetly "Hey Code!" Skylar said rolling her eyes as i didn't pay any attention on my first approach "Hey Sky! Anyway Babe, I have good news for you!!" I said excitedly "Wow, calm your tits Code" Skylar says chuckling. Serena just slaps her arm and says "what is it babe?" "I am going to Ateneo De Manila University/Camp!!!" I screamed expecting her to smile "What's wrong?" I asked as soon as i saw her frown "You'll be away from me" She pouted "Ohhhh.... I've been excited to tell you the good news but i haven't. Anyway the good news is.................. YOUR COMING WITH ME!!!" I said smiling. She started grinning really wide "Yeah i get to see Casey again" She said "Yup, that toad" i answered. How does she know Casey? When me and Serena were younger we were best friends since forever. "Let's Call Niall!" I said "Why?" Serena asked cluelessly "I'm gonna ask him to help us surprise that little toad" I said smirking and bringing out my laptop "Alright" she replied sitting next to me

Niall's P.O.V

I was just chilling in  my dorm with the others and my laptop started ringing like crazy to my ringtone "Starships were meant to flyyyyyy Hands up and touch the skyyyyyyy" My laptop sang "Excuse me" i said getting out of my seat grabbed my laptop and went to the balcony "Hello.......... Cody??" I screamed as i saw his head popped up with a pretty girl with Blue eyes and pretty blonde hair "Hey Nialler" He replied "Not that it's bad but, why are you calling me??" I asked curiously "Nothing I need you to help me surprise the toad" He said kissing the girl's cheek "Casey? Wait why me?" I asked "Because, i know you and my sister would be together someday" He replied shrugging. I turned red as he smirked "Anyway who's she?" I asked "Oh this is Serena. My girlfriend." he explained "Hi there!" Serena said as friendly as possible "Hey Serena" i said "Anyway here's what you have to do, me and Serena are going there so i need you to pick me up and stuff" Cody explained "Okay" I said "Mission: Surprise Casey is a go!" Serena screamed. Casey's gonna be so happy!

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