My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


11. Sleepless Night

Isabelle's P.O.V

I can't sleep at all! It sucks i'm not even sure if anyone else is awake. I tap Casey's shoulder and whisper "Cas, you there?" "Yeah, can't sleep i think i'm home sick" she said keeping her voice down so we won't wake the others. "Oh really? Wanna play truth or dare in the little balcony outside?" I asked "Yeah sure" she said starting to climb down from her bunk carefully trying not to wake up Niall. I saw her go outside i started to go outside as well. When i was about to go out the door someone grabbed my arm "AHHHHH!!!" I screamed luckily no one woke up "shhhh it's just me" said a thick deep voice i assumed it was Harry "Harry! You scared the cheese and sprinkles out of me" I said irritated "Where are you going?" He asked "Going to the balcony to play truth or dare with Casey since she can't sleep" I said heading out "Can I come?" Harry asked "Yeah whatever" I said leading him out "There you are! What in the world of Pies took you so long?!" Casey exclaimed with obvious annoyance in her voice "Sorry an extra wanted to come" I say sighing as i take a seat next to her "Extra?" She asked just then Harry came out and said "Okay Let's play truth or dare" "Okay" me and Casey said "Hey! I'll spin the bottle" Casey shouted spinning the bottle we watched as it landed on Harry and me on the opposite side "Harry Truth or dare?" I asked him "Dare" he replied "I dare you to jump on Louis' bed wake him up and force him to play with us "That's the worst~~" Harry said standing up "Sorry... NOT" I said trying to hide my laughter "I-I t-thought w-we h-had s-something s-special" He said fake crying and went to wake up Louis "whatever floats your boat" I said watching him.

Harry's P.O.V

I had to do Isabelle's dare. So I started pouncing on Louis' bed. "What the hell!" Louis screeched. Man these guys are heavy sleepers. "Shhh Louis quiet! It's me Harry!" I whispered "Dammit Harry! What was that?!" He said his tone softer "Sorry we were playing truth or dare and Isabelle dared me to wake you up and make you play with us" I said not proud of what dare i have accepted "Let me get this straight, you woke me up at 11:30 to force me to play a stupid game with you guys?" he asked raising his eyebrows "Y-yes" I stuttered ashamed "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME SOONER?!?" Louis said running out to the balcony. I followed and saw him punch Isabelle's arm playfully. "Oww what the fridge?! Why Louis?" Isabelle screamed throwing her shoe at Louis "You didn't invite me sooner?" Louis pouted "Now spin the bottle Louis!" Casey shouts throwing the bottle at Louis "Okay jeez scary women" Louis said spinning the bottle we watched as it landed on him and the opposite side on Casey "Louis, truth or dare?" Casey asked "Truth" he replied. Am I crazy or what? My first time Louis said 'truth'. "First time Louis?" i asked "Shaddap" Louis replied

Louis's P.O.V

Honestly I prepared myself for the most boring truth ever then 4 words made my eyes Pop out. "Do you like Nicole?" Casey asked eagerly. "U-uh. u-m, Can I just whisper the answer to you?" I asked "U-uh yeah, but may I tell Isa after?" Casey asked "y-yeah just her" I replied sternly. I lead in close to Casey's ear and whispered "Yes" I said. To not make it obvious she held a face that nobody could read. In other words. Poker face. we sat and played a few more rounds and the door opened everyone prepared to be screamed at by Principa H. Then i saw someone i didn't expect to see..................... Nicole.

Casey's P.O.V

The door opened and we saw Nicole there just rubbing her eyes and looked at us like an innocent puppy. "Hey guys!" Nicole said sleepily "Hey" we all shouted in union "Why are you guys out here?" She questioned "Oh, we were just playing truth or dare." I answered "OOOHHH CAN I PLAY?!?!" She squealed suddenly awake "Okay, Calm yo ass" I replied laughing at her silliness. "I don't wanna spin the bottle. Let's just pick the person! I start" Nicole squeaked "CASEY! Truth or Dare?!" she asked looking at me in the eyes "U-uh Dare?" I said unsure of myself "I dare you to.......... wake up Niall by snuggling beside him till he wakes up!" She said proudly "What kind if dare is that?! No way Jose (pronounced as Ho-say)!" I said turning a light shade of pink "You have too" She replied smirking evilly at me "Okay" I said as i got up and went to Niall's bunk "Wake up~~" I said shaking Niall....... no reply "Okay, here goes nothing" I say as I climb his bed and hug him "Hmm?? OH hi Casey" Niall said groggily. "Sorry, anyway wanna play truth or dare with us?" I asked "Yeah" He said following me "Can we wake Ariana?" Niall asked behind me "Yeah sure why?" I asked "Uh, nothing, I just meant she's a nice lad-y" He said "Okay! I need to be her friend too" I chirped skipping to her bed "Hey Ariana wake up!" Niall whispered in her ear "Yeah?" She asked sleepily still hugging her covers "wanna play truth or dare on the balcony with us?" I asked "Truth or Dare? We'll come!" A voice said from behind we see Liam and Zayn "Okay" I said "Now you Ariana, are you coming?" Niall asked her "Yeah" she replied getting up. I led them to the balcony and went inside "What the hell took you so long?!" Isabelle said throwing her shoe at me "Sorry! I got these four idiots" I said "Oh, okay" Isabelle said. Then the whole night we bonded by playing truth or dare. What a wonderful night might I add

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