My Talented Story

~~~~~ Edited <3 ~~~~~~
It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


6. Hello London

Author's note: sorry if the chapters are really short I apologize. No hate please. ILY! PAM


------- Skip Plane ride -------

Isabelle's P.O.V 

I woke up to the flight attendant's announcement "We are already here please grab your stuff. The first to leave will be  the Ateneo De Lasalle's new students" she said through the speakers 

I looked at my friends finding them asleep I silently laughed at them. Oh they're my dopes! "WAKE UP! I shouted in their ear "AHHH! Cheese and Sprinkles Isa! Don't wake me up like that" Casey said clearly annoyed "Nah! I don't care and we're here" I said about to leave "WE ARE!?!" Nicole screamed grabbing her stuff running a head of us as me and a sleepy Casey behind her. We walked in the bus and sat down at the back. "OMG! We're here!" I whispered to Casey she just laughed and looked outside the window 

------- SKIP CAR RIDE!-------- 

"Hello new students" The three officials greeted "hello" we all said looking at the mansion behind them "oh yes this is The school. We remain it as secret as possible so no paparazzi will take pictures if our celebrity students" Mr. Reese explained "Now let's go in" VPrincipal Luna we all formed a straight line and went in by friends. "Oh hey newbies" Chassidy rolled her eyes while saying it in the I-don't-really-care-I'm-the-prettiest-girl-here tone. I think we have new "rival/mean girl"

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