My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


23. Happiness?

Isabelle's P.O.V

"Hey guys!" I say walking down the stairs and walking to my boyfriend, harry. "How are you babe?" He asks with his charming smile that hypnotizes me "Great. Just annoyed Casey can still sleep while I can't" I said yawning. "So get dressed babe" he said grinning "Why?" I asked dumb founded "I'll take you out" he said happily. (hehehe happily <3) "Okay" I say and get dressed in 10 mins. "I'm ready!" I shout going down "You look stunning babe" he said to me just staring with wide eyes "thanks" I say blushing. He took my hand and took me outside "We're walking if that's okay with you?" he asked "It's fine" I said as he took a sigh of relief. "Here we are!" He shouted when we saw a table and candles in the forest "Here sit down" He says pulling a chair for me "It's so amazing" I say in awe. Then a guy in tux comes...... IS THAT LOUIS?!?! "Hello I'm Louis Tomlinson and I will be your waiter for today" Louis said all posh "Really?" I asked "Yes" he said. "Again?" I asked a bit bored since they did this on the date of Nicole and Louis. "We stick up for each other" Harry says shrugging. "Excuse me? If you don't like my service then you can just go and-" Louis was cut of by Harry. "Lou, it's fine she was probably just finding it cliche (Did i spell that right? Nahh i don't care but if it bothers you comment)" "Sorry mam" Louis said rolling his eyes. I looked at him and raised my eyebrow "Uhuh...." "Sorry about Louis." Harry replies. "Nahh i don't care. It's Lou, almost like, Nick" I say shrugging. "Nick?! Who the hell is this Nick guy?! Aren't you my girlfriend?" Harry screamed over protectively. "Relax Harry, It's just Nicole, her nick name is nick. Casey gave it" I said calming him down. "Oh... sorry" Harry says looking away because his cheeks are turning  pink. I look down and laugh quietly at his cuteness. "Why are you laughing?" Harry asked. He heard me. Dammit. "Nothing, you were just................." I said trailing off. "Just?" Harry asked curious. "cute" i say softly."what?" Harry asked probably confused."You were cute" I repeated. "really?" "Yeah" "That's nice to hear babe" he said leaning over to kiss my for head. This date is going to be good.


Casey's P.O.V

"ANNOUNCEMENT" Principal Hault shouted coming in our rooms. "Your on summer vacation. When summer ends, back to camp. But you may stay here in your rooms or travel or visit you families" she explained. "YAAAAY" Everyone screamed. "Hey, Case?" Niall asked looking at me. "yeah?" I replied

"Can I tell you something?"

"You're already speaking, might as well say it"

"No i mean in private"

"Oh. Where then?"

"I'll take you there"

Then Niall held my hand and pulled me to follow him, now my stomach was probably exploding when he took my hand. "C-can i-i c-confess s-something?" He asks suddenly acting all shy. "Yeah?"

"Case, I like you, will you go on a date with me?" He asks handing me a bouquet of flowers

I stare at it shocked and he begins to walk away saying "I knew you didn't like me" "I will go on a date with you" I say 'You what?" He said turning around quickly. "I will go on a date with you" i repeated. "YES" He screamed doing a little victory dance. "Let's go on a date in 45 minutes. Meet me at Starbucks. okay with you?" he asked me "Per-fect" i said imitating Liam. "Hahaha now i have to get ready, and so do you" Niall said stopping two cabs and we went back separately. I got in one. "Sir do you mind driving fast?" I asked the man who was in his early 50's politely "yes but can i ask why?" he answered curious. "I'll be going on a date and i need to get dressed" I responded "Sure, but not too fast, don't want your date in a hospital" he said laughing. "You're right. What's your name?" I asked "Joe, yours?" "Casey. Hey can we trade numbers incase i need another Cab?" I asked thinking how cool Joe is. "Yeah, it's ****-****-****" he said. After trading numbers, Joe opened the radio "Do you remember summer 09, wanna go bavk tehre every night, just can't lie was the best tie of my life..." Rock me by One Direction started blaring out the speakers. As i was singing, Joe interrupted me  saying "We're here miss" "Oh thank you" I said handing him a tip. "Thanks mam" he said driving away. I walked in to my room.....

 "ARIANA!!" I screamed 

"WHAT?" she screamed louder while playing 'Angry Birds'

"HELP ME?!" 


"I'm going on a date with Niall!" 

"What? OH!!" she said quickly getting of the couch and helping me get ready. 

---------- after getting ready ------------------

"Here" Ariana said showing me a mirror. "I look beautiful" I said admiring Ariana's work. She smiled and said "Now go and get your man" "Okay." i said walking out. TO STARBUCKS 

----------- at starbucks------------------

I sat down seeing Niall wasn't there yet. Then I bring out my phone and play Angry Birds. After 1 hour later i decide Niall probably isn't coming. I look to my right seeing a young couple making out in a table. Disgusting I think to myself. Then I look closer. Is that? No way? Niall?! I walk towards the couple and split them up. "Hey who are you to tear me and my girlfriend from making ou- Casey it's not what you think" he said "I think i know what it is" I said "Who's this?" His 'girlfriend' said smiling at me. "This is uh, Casey, My, Friend." Niall says looking at her. "Oh, Hi Casey, I'm Gelic. Short for Angelica." she said pulling out her hand. "Hey I'm Casey" I said trying not to look or sound hurt. While i shake her hand. "Bye i gotta go" I say running out.

I hate Niall!! Bastard! Telling me he wants to go on a date and has a girlfriend. Dammit he's such a playboy I though obviously hurt. i return to the school and run inside and go to my bunk bed and cry... I wish Isa was here 


Isabelle's P.O.V

"That's so funny" I say laughing at a joke Harry told me. "Hey i loved this date we should go out and do it more often" Harry said. "Yeah, we should"  I say smiling. "Let's head home now" Harry says calling a cab. As we get in the Cab there's only one thing that i wanted to do when we get back...... I HAVE to tell Casey EVERYTHING



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