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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


25. Flipped

Casey's P.O.V

It's been a month since this conflict came on. Currently i became friends with Gelic. She's really nice. Though all guys are taken she's really a good friend and I told her about Ni and she totally understands. In fact she broke up with him so he and I will be a couple. Isn't she a sweet heart? 

"You really broke up with him?" I asked looking at Gelic

"Yup" she replied blankly 

"You aren't sad?" Isa asked

"Really.... No. I mean at first but, Case, Your my friend and Niall really likes you" she said

"But i don't wanna accept any of his apologies yet" I said

"That's fine, couldn't agree more" Isa and Gelic said together

"Bye guys going to meet up with an old friend" I said. 

"Who?" Nicole asked she said staring at Gelic they barely knew each other so yeah........

"Drake" me and isa reply heading out

"Ahhhhh Drake......." Nicole remembers


Nicole's P.O.V

She's gonna meet Drake, along with Isa. Welp she might date him. For all I know Drake was her closest friend since they were in the womb and he had a crush on her ever since they we're grade 1.


Casey's P.O.V

I walk to Starbucks with Isa. "Hey Drake" I say hugging him. and He looks down...... blushing?..... nahhhh that can't be "H-hey Casey Cat" he said shyly. "come on don't be shy now." I say to him as he stares and Isa. "Drake remember Isa?" I say "yeah, hey Belle!" He says "Don't. Call. Me. That" she said walking over to Harry. "When was Harry here?" I asked Isa. "I invited him. No worries, we'll get our own table" she says walking over to a new table with Harry. "So how ya been?" I asked "good good'" he replied. After hours of catching up. "Welp, i gotta go" I say hugging him. "Casey Cat?" he asks. "Yeah Drake?" 

"Will you be my girlfriend i know we just talked again since it's been years but i really liked you so will you?"



"Your welcome" 

Then Drake goes and kisses me and i leave with Isa and Harry. "OHHHH! Someone's got a man!" Isa screams in the car. I blush and look down. "Aww Casey wuvs him....." Harry cooes 

-------- When They arrive home ----------------------

Casey's P.O.V

"Case!" Niall shouts

"What?!" I scream still mad at him for crushing my heart

"I love you, i'm sorry i dated Gelic but i love you" He said 

I kissed his cheek. "So you forgive me?" he asks relaxing a bit. "No. It was a good bye kiss. I'm done, i found a guy who loves me and waited and was never an ass" I said with sass "So friends?" he asked on the verge of crying. "Nothing" i said walking away

Niall's P.O.V

"Nothing" she said walking away. Dammit Niall?! Why do you have to be stupid and not get her when she liked you?! Now you guys aren't even friends. I screwed everything up. I think to myself crying. I go to my room and play my guitar and play 'When I was your man' 

"Cause I should've bought you flowers, and held your hand,

gave you all of my hours.... When I had the chance........." I sang feeling broken inside


---------------- NEXT DAY -------------

Niall's P.O.V

*Ring ring* Our doorbell rang. I opened the door. "Hello" A guy with black hair and abs said. "Hi? Excuse me, but who are you?" I asked. Then he said two words that broke my heart. "Casey's boyfriend" "Okay come in, i'll lead you in our room" i said trying not to cry "You and her share a room?" he asked "No, we sleep in a dorm so we are in groups" i explained "Oh" "CASE! Your boyfriend's here" I shouted. She ignored me. "Isa, would you tell Case her boyfriend's here?" Isa ignored me too. "Liam?" Then Liam walked to Casey and told her "HEY! DRAKE!" She ran hugging him. OUch, a pang of jealousy punched me in the face. "Let's go on a date" he said as they walked off....... I can't take this anymore. Everything is different. It's all Flipped I thought and broke down crying


A/N: Niall cried ;-; NO!!! IT SHALL GET BETTER

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