My Talented Story

~~~~~ Edited <3 ~~~~~~
It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


16. First Time Official

Nicole's P.O.V

Can't believe it! We're official! I love Louis, I've waited since i first got here! "GOOD MORNING!" I shout then i glance around the room seeing no one there. "guys?" So after i change Casey barges in the room "Hey Cas, where are the others?" I ask her. She says nothing but gives me some fancy looking clothes. "What's this for?" I ask raising an eyebrow. She still doesn't reply as if saying 'For the love of Louis, please put it on!' So i do, not wanting her to be impatient. "Let's go to the beach yeah?" Casey asks "In these clothes?!?! This is too fancy don't you think?" I say looking at my clothes. "No, just perfect" Casey says as Isabelle comes pulling us both in her car. "Where are we going?" I ask. They still stay silent so i just pout and play 'Angry Birds' on my IPhone "Were here." Casey says silently walking out the door. Isabelle and Casey grab my arms and direct me to a table with candles in the middle of the beach. "What's this?" I ask them turning around seeing as nobody is there. "Hey Love" I hear a familiar voice say, i turn around to see Louis in a tux "So you set this up Tomlinson?" I ask "Yup!" he says cheerily kissing my cheek. I blush and look down. Then suddenly Louis puts his hand under my chin pushing my chin up. "Don't hide your blush it's cute on you" he says. Obviously i blush harder and he just laughs "Thanks for setting this up, Louis" I thank "Anything for my girlfriend" He says pulling me to sit down. "How'd you do all this?" I ask amazed "Shhh" he says shushing me and clapping his hands. Then we see a guy in a waiter uniform and i recognize it's harry "Harry?" "Yes, mam my name is Harry Styles and i will be your waiter" he says professionally "Harry are you serious?" I said laughing my head off "Yes, Miss. I am your waiter, please order something" Harry said sounding annoyed "We don't have menus" Louis said hiding the menus "Okay our only menu tonight is: Fried Chicken, Cesar salad, Macaroni and cheese and Nandos chicken...." Harry recited soon interrupted by Liam in a chef's costume whispering to Harry something "Sorry, um the nandos chicken was eaten by our performer so what will your order be?" He asked "I'd have the Cesar salad" I said "I'll have the mac and cheese" Louis said "Your order will come in 10 mins. Thanks for ordering" Harry said leaving "I swear this is the most difficult couple to live with" Harry muttered think we wouldn't hear it but we did "Now that that's over, what would you like? Music?" Louis asked "Sure?" I said more like asked. Then Louis claps and Niall in a tux comes out playing his guitar on a stage as Casey is playing the piano "Guess what song they're playing" Louis said Then Niall sang "Your insecure, don't know what for............." "WMYB!!" I screamed "Yes," Louis said kissing my cheek "Food is served" Harry said putting our food down in front of us.

---------- AFTER DINNER------

"You see those 2 bright stars?" Louis asked "Yeah?" "It's cheesy but, it's me and you" Louis said earning an aww from me. Louis stood up and carried me to the water "LOUIS STO-" amd i was interrupted by Louis dumping me in water "TOMLINSON YOU ARE GOING TO GET IT" I shouted as he jumped in the water.  All in all we had a good time Until *click click click* We turn to see paparazzi and we head inside and hide "Oh no! They saw us together I said sad "Nahh!!" Louis said "It's fine" Louis said hugging me

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