My Talented Story

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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


33. Chapter 29

Louis' P.O.V

I was so happy when Case broke up with Drake, she can like be with Niall now!! Wait. "How are you gonna find him?! As far as I remember, he won't tell ANYBODY where he lives. He shows up for rehersals. Impossible to find him." I said thinking aloud. "Ohhh." Casey said putting her head down. "I'm sorry I" I was interrupted by Casey "No it's okay" she said giving me a weak smiling while walking towards her room.


Niall's P.O.V

I miss them both. Who exacty? Casey and Julia.. I can't decide which is better. I mean they're so alike. But I really need to find Julia. I miss her.......... But. I. Know who knows her!! Casey and her went to the same highschool... I can't believe they can't find where i live. I just moved in with Payzer (sorry guys i ship payzer) I have to go and see her. I walk outside to the mansion of Hisabelle, Nouis and Casey. "Mate what are you doing here?" Louis asked giving everyone drinks "Where's Casey?" I asked "somewhere upstairs" Isabelle answered "Thank you" I ran past them and up to Casey's room. "CASE!" I shout walking in seeing........


Casey'sP.O.V (before Niall came in her room)

I sit around the room looking at photos of me and Niall as kids. I see every moment we had from 4-13. I wanted to cry so bad. I guess the only reason why he doesn't remember me is, I dyed my hair, well dip dyed. But it's going away soon. I scattered everything all the pictures and out it in a bulletin board i have in my room... Now i wish Niall remembers. I walked up the stairs of my room. Yes there are stairs in my room. It's like an apartment without the kitchen. so yeah I walked up and grabbed some juice then i heard a door slam open, I look to see blonde hair, Niall.

Niall's P.O.V

I look around the room surprised as hell. Why?! All my pictures wit Julia as kids ARE RIGHT HERE! Is Julia here? Or one thing straight WHY IS CASEY STALKING MY PICTURES WITH JULIA?! I went up the stairs seeing Casey drinking juice. "Why are you stalking Julia?" I asked trying to contain my anger. "I'm not." she said bluntly "BULL! It's seen downstairs!" I say raising my voice. She doesn't flinch. Reminds me a lot about Julia, always could console me. "Wanna know the truth?" She asked calmly sipping her juice "Nooooo, I want little white lies you could tell me" I answered sarcastically 

"Racist?" she says giving a confused look

"No, NOW TELL YOUR STORY!" i commanded

"I'm Julia." she said fiddling with her fingers

"BULL! YOU CAN'T BE! JULIA HAS BROWN HAIR! NOT BROWN HAIR DIPPED IN RAINBOW!! AND SHE HAS GLASSES!!" I screamed having teary eyes as she could lie to me like that. 

"I'm not lying Ni." She said looking at the floor on the verge of tears

"Then tell me something to prove it" I said

"Niallie bur, Natallie, Niallie" she said 

I suddenly remembered that time as kids where at 4 she called me Natallie as a girl name and i called Julia/Casey "Julian or Julio" whichever was cooler . "JULIA!!!!" I screamed running to each other hugging each other as tight like if we let go we'd die "I MISS YOU" We both screamed causing the couples to come up "Oops"

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