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It's about a girl named Casey (pronounced as Kay-see) Rhythm. She's a girl, who has a crazy life ahead of her. Her and her friends take a journey to an amazing life. Live the dream and smile all day, yes there are obstacles in the way. But when she meets Niall Horan her life just instantly becomes amazing.


31. Chapter 28

--------- TIME SKIP 2 years ------------------

Hi It's me Casey, as you all know the last time i dated Drake and Niall and i were "just friends" Nicole and Louis and Harry and Isa. And everything was dramatic. Now, we graduated. From the school. Me and Drake are going strong but i feel like there's something missing. Since all of us had graduated, i moved in a mansion with the Hisabelle and Nouis couple. 


"Casey-boo!!!!" I heard someone scream i looked behind me to see Louis. "Louis!!!" i said. "So how are you?" he asked "fine but i gotta go see ya" i said getting my penny board and skating out

Louis' P.O.V

What was that about? I walk to my wonderful girlfriend for 3 years Nicole. "hey babe, what up with case?" I ask looking at the door. "I don't really know I just heard he had something to do with Drake" my baby nicole said reading a book. "Well him again?? Damn.... Niall loves her.... Doesn't she love him?" I asked thinking really hard. "Well.... Yeah.... But he did do a lot....." Nicole said putting down the book. "But-" I was cut of by a pair of foot steps coming towards the room. "What ya talking about?" Isa asks grabbing a book. What's up with people and books?! "Nothing" I say nervously. "Julia" Nicole said. As soon as she did she regretted it. "Who's Julia?" I asked confused. 

"Weren't we talking about Casey?" i asked

"Yeah" nicole replied nervously

"Who's Julia??" 

"UH NOTHING!" Nicole said about to run. I grabbed her and put her on my lap "tell me" I said "No...." she said looking at Isa "Tell him." Isa said looking straight ahead "Uh Julia is Casey..." Nicole finished "Her real name isn't Casey?!" I said shocked "IT IS! Her full name is Julia Casey B. Rhythm." nicole finished. "So why didn't you tell anyone this before?" I asked confused "BECAUSE, before Niall left for x-factor I know looooonnggg time ago, anyway, him and Ju-Casey were childhood sweethearts i'm talking about KID as in since 4. Then he referred to her as Julia that time. When Niall transferred to a new school to be exact, at the age of 13 she cried a lot and said she didn't wanna be called Julia. So she covinced people to call her Casey. She loved Niall... a lot. But he transferred so she moved on... Had no sweetheart until... Drake came. First boyfriend in forever. I'm surprised Niall doesn't remember her." Isabelle finished "Ohhhh, poor Case" I said thinking "We know so we think she has to start again" nicole said. 


Casey's P.O.V

"You asked me to meet you here" I said to Drake as I entered the park "Look, Case, I love you and all but"  I interrupted him "It isn't working out?" I asked "No... It's I noticed that NIall guy, is he your old childhood sweetheart?" He asked "Yes" I answered almost crying "Maybe you should be with him." He said "t-thank you" i said softly "Don't mention it! And who am I to break true love??" he said laughing "Best friends?" I asked "Of course. NOW GO GET YOUR MAN!" He scremed. "Okay jeez. bye~" I called out skating back home. I went inside the house, "SOMETHING GORGEOUS HAPPENED?!" I screamed into the house as I saw Hisabelle and Nouis. "what?" Harry asked confused "I BROKE UP WITH DRAKE!" I screamed "That's rude to say" Louis said "NOO!! I can be with him now!" I shouted "WOOOOOOOHHHHHHH" they all cheered. And we all celebrated. Cause it was truly a celebrating time


A/N: Sorry so late o3o

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