Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


1. prologue

I piled the last box into the back of the truck and slapped the door shut.

Climbing into the cab, we set off for the airport. With half an hour to kill I opened my twitter account and logged in. Top of my news feed was Harry Styles, apparently he's in Holmes Chapel at the moment.

I smile to myself. " what are the odds of bumping into Harry?" I mumbled happily.

I wondered aimlessly into the airport. My bags were checked and now I had time to spare. My instgram was going crazy, I'd just posted my sudden move to London and everyone was going ballistic.

@_meeganx_ your gorgeous. Gonna miss you babe! :) x

( my real account )

Was comment under the latest picture of me. I smiled and closed the app.

" flight 618 to London, now boarding!" The voice of the intercom rang out. There was a buzz of static and then silence.

Grabbing my backpack I climbed aboard the plane and got shuffled into business class. I took my seat and glanced out across Australia.

The plane took off and my TV turned on. I kicked back for an uneventful 16 hours.

The jostle of the plane woke me. " ladies and gentlemen thank you for flying with us today. We have landed in London. The weather is steady and the temperate is dropping. Enjoy your stay."

I gathered my stuff and exited the plane.

Waving down a cab I climbed in. Four hours later, I'd arrived. Opening the door, I was greeted with the smell of wood varnish and paint. I wasn't in the mood to look about so I headed upstairs an pulled on my coat.

The snow was just starting to fall, it cast a peaceful sort of look across the empty streets of Holmes Chapel but it was beautiful.

Entering the small deli I shook the snow out of my hair.

" is it snowing out there love?" A sweet female voice questioned.

I looked up and smiled. " yeah! It's a bit chilly!" I smiled.

" ok love, if you need anything just ask!" I nodded and grabbed a basket. Heading down the aisles I grabbed the essentials and something to cook for tea. I started to pay when the lady spoke again.

" new around ere love?" She smiled. I looked at the name tag on her top: it read Anne.

" yes I am actually. Is it that obvious?" I blushed.

" no love. I just know everyone around here." She scanned my items and added up the cost. I payed her and she handed me her address.

" come around for tea tonight love. It will save you cooking!" She smiled.

I looked at the address and chuckled. " we're neighbours!" I smiled.

" well! All the more reason love." I nodded and we decided id be there at 6:00.

Heading out I bumped into someone.

" oh my, I'm sooo sorry" I blushed.

" oh gosh. I'm sorry love, here let me help!" The stranger bent down to pick up my stuff and so did I. We bumped heads and both fell back laughing.

I couldn't see him very well so I just smiled.

" thanks SOO much!" I laughed.

" your SOO welcome!" The boy chuckled copying my emphases on the SOO.

I walked the opposite way and got home in no time. Running upstairs, I had a quick shower and pulled on a pair of leather leggings and a floral sweetheart tutu top.

I slipped into my ballet flats and pulled my hair into a half up half down pony. I still had 45 minutes to chill so I did. Popping the TV on I settled in.

" good evening. Sources have told us that there was a spotting of Harry, from the famous boy band one direction this evening. It's said he bumped into the young woman! She seemed completely unfazed by the young man, how odd. We have word that Mr styles sent a tweet out asking who the young las was. So far she hasn't come forward. Thank you and good night" I switched the TV off.

Harry styles? Sure enough. I went in search of this tweet and it's been trending for over half an hour. I quickly sent a Tweet out.

@meegan.oswald : hey Harry. How's your head?"

Within an instant I had a DM.

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