Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


9. 9.

with the boys tuxedos down it was El and i's dresses to do. 

We headed into an amazing dress shop and the boys waited outside. I watched El try on numberous sweetheart dress while I was still having difficulty finding the perfect one. I was looking around the shop when I found a pale pink floor length sweetheart dress. There was a thick sash/ band around my torso and sparkles on the part above it. I was in love! I tried it on and it worked amazingly with my curves. El and I walked out with the dresses in suit covers so that the boys couldn't see them.

The drive home was the norm! loud music, boobs against the window, you know, stuff like that!! El and I were filling up the guys instagram, we sorta hacked it........ hahahah.

when we got home, I unpacked my endless bags of shopping into my wardrobe and heading back downstairs.

 I started making pasta when I felt two large hands grab my waist.

" Harryyyyyyy!'

he threw me onto the couch and climbed on top of me. He flipped me over so that I was on top of him before he started kissing my neck.
" you are a cheeky little boy I have to finish making dinner."


" do you want your house to burn down?"

" NO!"

'exactly now let me go finish making dinner before you try to have sex with me again." I smirked fixing my top.

" fine" he whispered pouting.

I kissed his cheek and straighten my top before going to complete the meal. I waltzed back into the lounge room to find a soccer match on. Or football for England. I carried his plate into him and lifted his legs up so that I could sit down. He smiled at me and kept watching the game.

He leaned over and kissed my cheek before setting his and my plate down to get back to where we left off.

" Harry I didn't realise you wanted more pasta so bad"

" I don't I want you." he smiled evily.

" fine what ever" I smirked at him and kissed him.

Im going to let your imaginations work their magic for the next bit! ;)


I woke in the morning to find Harry snoring soundly next to me. I grabbed a robe and headed into the bathroom.

I washed my hair and shaved my legs. It was a reasonably nice weathered day today so I grabbed a pair of skinny leg jeans and a white lacey singlet top that went frilly at the bottom. I grabbed my curling iron and carefully gave my hair natural waves. I heard Harry waking up just as I finished up.

' morning babe'

' morning' he whispered rubbing his eyes.

' whats the time meags?'

' about ten thirty' I told him while tidying up all the clothes sprawled across the floor.

' k well lucky for us we have a day to ourselves'

' are you sure? im not spending the whole day in bed having sex with you if that's what your implying.' I yelled at him from the living room.
' aww whyyyyyyy'

' cause I said so. plus I have to run down to the studio to pick up the photos from the shoot the other day. then were babysitting Lux.'

' when did you find that out?' Harry asked pulling on a tshirt

' when EL and I called Lou to ask if she could do all our hair and makeup for the red carpet as well. She asked if I was available to look after her while she was out.'

' well ok then but the boys and I have to record now at two. Simon just texted. I was looking forward to spending the day with you gorgeous'

' don't worry ill be fine and youll get me for ages later and tomorrow and the day after and the day after that and so on"

he laughed at my stupidity and I continued cleaning so that this place was atleast a little bit presentable. Harry walked out in a pair of black skinny jeans and a Jack Willis jumper. I ruffled up his hair and continued to clean.

" babe are you right you just keep cleaning?'

' yeha im just a little bit OCD " I took one look at him and cracked up laughing. He came over to me and picked me up spinning me around.

' would you like some tea babe?'

' yes please styles. Lux should be here any minute now.'

DING DONG. I went and opened the door to be greeted by Lou and Lux.

" thanks so much Meaghan. Lux should be on her best behaviour but if you have any issues, you have my number. Is Harry out with the boys already?'

' NOOO he is just making me a cup of tea' I smiled.

' aww lux you go find uncle Harry' Lou told lux.

she ran out of the door way and went in search of him. she looked under the couch and was even crawling under the coffee table when Harry walked in. He handed me my tea and Lou handed me Lux's bags while she proceed to leave Lux.

I wandered back into the lounge room to find Harry teaching Lux how to use the TV remote.
" Uncle Arry I know how to do ut. We have one of them at home im not stupd" She told him looking at him like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I laughed at her and Harry just looked at me.

"Hi aunty oswald.' she waddled over to be and gave my legs a squeeze.

" did haz teach you that?" I asked her.

" No ive seen you on TV, and in mags"

I gave harry a look and he looked star struck.

' Well little Lux what would you like to do?'

" put makeup on Arry' She clapped her hands and cracked up in a fit of giggles.

I smiled at her and Harry just shook his head chuckling.

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