Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


8. 8.

i woke to find all the boys gone and just el and I asleep in the main room. I got up and found a note stuck to the kettle.

meags at a recording with the boys. Didn't want to wake you from that peaceful sluber you were in so I didn't. Enjoy your day with El. ill text you once were done. xx Harry

I made El and I breakfast and pulled on a pair of rolled up jeans and a white sweetheart crop top. I curled my hair and applied natural makeup. I wandered back into the kitchen to find El up and eating the French toast I had made.

' well morning to you too'

' morning' She said with a mouthful of food.
' you know for a model your not exactly drop dead gorgeous in the morning are you?' I chuckled grinning.

' no but you are wow' El smiled

' ive been up for ages. want to go shopping later today?'

' course meags'

once El was dressed and ready we headed out to the Shopping Mall. We ventured through all the shops and finally kicked back for some lunch. We  started heading out of the mall when we heard numerous screams. We looked towards the front entrance and found a mob of girls running towards us.

We glanced behind us before taking off. We ran to the closest department store and hid. I cracked up laughing and looked at El. I felt someone grab my arm and I screamed. I glanced around and found I was not in fact looking at my 'capture' but looking into Harry's emerald green eyes. He leaned forward and kissed my forehead before laughing at me. I laughed back and realised the whole reason there were fans was not for us but for the boys.

' how was the sound check thingy MA bobby' I asked smiling

' yeah wonderful. hint the sarcasm' Harry smirked

El was complaining about Louis fashion sense ( totally disagree) so we had to go and 'fix' it apparently.

Here we go again!!!!!!!!!

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