Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


7. 7.

We wandered into the house and Louis was debating carrots with Niall. I ran up behind Louis and jumped on his back.

' BOO'

' wow Meaghan that was sooo scary' Louis said with extreme sarcasm and his hands on his hips.

' wow didn't get the sarcasm louis' I smirked jumping off of his back.

' Meaghan why are you and Louis so sassy its weird' Niall shouted while stuffing his face with chips.

' ok children are we done here I want to play UNO' Liam shouted.


As the night wore on we put all the bedding materials on the floor in the living area and put on love actually. Harry and I were on one bed and El and Louis were on the one next to us. On Harry's other side was Niall and Liam, Zayn was on Louis' other side. We spent about 2 hours playing 20 questions before we put on Dancing with the stars. the boys found it in my bag. I have no clue to why it was in there.

' meags isn't that you?'

' umm yeah' I answered sheepishly

' why didn't you tell us?'

' cause I didn't think it was important, im not on the show anymore but I still do comps and im sometimes called back to be a judge or mentor'

' yep totally not important or a big thing in your life is it?' Niall stated with a hint of sarcasm

' what eves lets watch another movie' I chuckled.

' Love Actually?'

' Yep'

About Half way through the movie, everyone had fallen asleep except Harry and I. I turned the movie off and snuggled closer to Harry.

' night Oswald, im going to miss you to the moon and back"'

I drifted off. Could what Harry had seen just simlpy been part of my dream....

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