Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


4. 4.

Rolling to the side, a smile appeared on my face.


I turned to my phone buzzing. I opened it to find a text from Harry:

Hope your ready for tonight. I simply cannot wait. what you doing beautiful?

I smiled and replied:

hey styles I just woke up. cant wait to see you either, can you please check to see if gemma is still coming over?

I ran down stairs and helped myself to an apple before taking a shower and washing my hair. when I got out I checked my phone.

Gemma says she will be there in ten! Wear something warm for tonight please. Gem can help! xo

I smiled and quickly types a response.

Thanks hazzy, can't wait to see you! Have fun. Xo

Looking down, I realised I was still in a towel. Running up into my wardrobe, I pulled on a pair of leatherish black leggings and a pink float top.

My hair was pulled into a high ponytail, brushing my teeth, I heard the doorbell ring.

" it's open!" I shouted rinsing my mouth.

" meegan! That not safe. What if I was a murderer or something?!?" Gemma laughed coming into the bathroom.

" well then, I guess I wouldn't be able to have you choose an outfit for my date with your brother tonight!" I chuckled.

" OH MY GOD!! That's great! He really likes you, I'm glad, though if he hurts you!! I swear!!" Gemma threatened.

I gave up and just laughed.

" okay let's start unpacking." I turned my phone onto shuffle, and we began to unpack the rest of my clothes.

We were in the middle of packing the books and dance trophies onto my white shelf, when we started dancing.


My phone buzzed and I dived on to my bed to grab it.

Loving the dancing babe! Rocking that arse!! ;) x

I showed gemma and we looked out my window.

Harry's room was right there. Gemma flipped him off while I died of laughter.

" I forgot his room was just there!!" Gemma laughed. Soon my room was done.

" four hours till your HOT date with my brother." Gemma winked.

I giggled. " and all we have left to do is the kitchen and dining room." I smiled.

" let's goooooiioo!! " gemma smiled pulling me down stairs.

" I seriously can't thank you enough!" I smiled helping Gemma put the last pillow on my couch.

" how about you just thank me with lunch, in your newly unpacked kitchen!!" Gemma advertised, leaving me in hysterics.

I nodded, pullin out the bread, we ate vegan friendly sandwiches.

" how do you cope being a vegan??" Gemma asked seriously.

" it keeps my weight down. That why i do it." I smiled.

" but your tiny. Like seriously!" Gemma gestured towards my belly.

" haha. Thanks gemma!!" I smiled cleaning up.

" okay so we have an hour and a half till your date comes!" Gemma smiled.

I nodded.

" let's get ready!" Gemma yelled pulling me upstairs.

Showered and dry, I sat on the end of my bed, curtains closed!!

Gemma ruffled through my cupboard, coming out a minute later with a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a black, tight middled sweetheart top.

Quickly pulling it on. Gemma pushed me into the makeup table we set up.

" smoky eye?" Gem asked.

" smoky eye!" I confirmed.

My hair was curled lightly with my bangs pulled across the front and tucked under the rest of my hair.

I twirled for gemma.

" babe!! You look stunning!!" She smiled gushing.

" thanks gem!!" I pulled her in for a hug and grabbed my converse. Quickly pulling them on, I threw on a white sweater.


Gemma pushed me down stairs and I answered the door.


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