Forever Young (completed)

Meaghan was an ordinary school girl with ordinary dreams but what happens next is completely OUT of the ordinary. will everything stay simple and original or will Meaghan's life change forever?

- Harry fanfiction -
it doesn't really have a lot of mature content and I will try not to bore you with Authors notes.


2. 2.

Hurriedly opening up twitter, I attempted at walking up the stairs at the same time.

HarryStylesOffical: hey love, my heads fine, yours?

I chuckled, causing myself to trip up the stairs and land on my face. I quickly composed myself.

meegan.oswald: my heads fine, my face, not so much. :)

I grabbed my tight white cardigan, before my phone started buzzing.

HarryStylesOffical: I'm not going to ask why. I have to go. Help mum with dinner. Chat later babe. Txt me.

I scrabble out the door realising it was already 6:00 an wondered over to Anne's.


I rung the doorbell.

" gemma hon....... Can you get that please?" I heard shuffling feet, then I was met with a large gust of warm air.

" hi, I'm meegan. " I smiled holding out my hand.

" gemma....., come in." I smiled and took my coat off.

" meegan love, I'm in the kitchen." I heard Anne's voice speak up.

Gemma lead me in, immediately I stopped in my tracks. One direction were in Anne's kitchen.

Harry was cutting up the vegetables.

" Meegan?" Harry asked rushing over to me.

" hey Harry." He pulled me in for a hug.

" oh, now I get it. Haha. Harry was just telling me about your little run in!" Anne chuckled.

" allo," Louis smiled. " I see what you mean, she is gorgeous!" Louis whispered in Harry's ear. But loud enough for me to hear.

I giggled and blushed furiously.

" Anne is there anything I can do to help?" I asked pullin my hair over my shoulders.

" no love, your the guest. Harry why don't you take meegan and go for a walk outside?" Anne asked smirking.

" okay, coming meegan?" Harry asked turning to me.

" sure." We headed for the front door. I pulled on my aqua knee length coat as we walked out, swinging my infinity scarf on over the top.

" so, is your mum trying to get you to settle down?" I asked smirking.

" oh gosh! She lovesssss! Playin matchmaker." Harry chuckled.

I kicked at the snow with my shoes, as we wondered along the footpath.

" this time, I'm happy with her choices!" Harry mumbled.

" awe Harry that's cute!" I smirked hitting his arm lightly.

Harry chuckled and picked me up, swinging me over his shoulder.

" HARRY!! Put me down!" I yelled smacking his back.

" No! I like this view!" Harry smirked.

" stop checking out my arse styles!" I noted. Chuckling.

Harry slipped on the snow, sending us both tumbling down.

I landed on top of Harry, but he quickly switched that around, Harry hovered above me. I blushed crimson but just starred at his eyes.

" you have amazing eyes Harry!" I whispered. His face was glistening with small pieces of snow. I lightly wiped the snow away with my thumb. My pale pink nails, taking on a kind of sparkly look.

" and you are just all round beautiful!" Harry mumbled.

He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. My thumb that was still on his cheek, quickly slide on top of his lips.

" I want to take it slow" I whispered. My eyes still half shut.

" okay" Harry smiled helping me up.

We walked back inside. Louis smirking at Harry as we sat down at the table.

" so your a fan of one direction love?" Louis asked smirking at Harry still.

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