My Heart Is A garden And You Are The Flower {short story}

This is a note for Harry Potter, In case my memories aren't enough, to tell him how much I loved Lily Evans.


2. My reasons

Harry, you will have seen my memories I gave to you. You will have seen how I joined the Death Eaters from depression because your mother married your father. Seen how I tried to protect her, then left when she got killed. How I worked for Dumbledore and tried to protect you, then returned to Voldemort to spy.

The reason I was always nasty to your face is because of how you were made, who you look like. You have James's body, his face, his hair, but you have Lily's eyes. A part of Lily in James's skull. I'm sorry but I hate any sign of Lily's and James's relationship (seriously, I magically changed the branding on my cauldron from Jily to Titanium - if I ever have to put their names together I make it LAMEs). Sometimes when I thought about you without looking at you, and forgot you were James's son, I felt quite fond of you. You were quite a charming student Harry. But I didn't like having you in my class, it was too much pain. And hurting you was like hurting their relationship. If I broke you I could break them apart. But I couldn't do that to Lily's son. So I turned the situation around. I used to dream of marrying your mother. So that would make you my son. So I went to greater lengths to protect you. You've probably already figured this out, but I really did love Lily Evans. From the moment I saw her to the moment I die. I know I'm the reason she died. The reason you have that scar. The reason your going to die. I spied for Voldemort, I passed on the prophecy. But Harry, I honestly didn't know it would mean you. I look back on it and know it was a horrid thing to do even if it didn't mean you. But you took my mistake well Harry,  you fought even though you didn't have to. You are ready for this.

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