My Heart Is A garden And You Are The Flower {short story}

This is a note for Harry Potter, In case my memories aren't enough, to tell him how much I loved Lily Evans.


1. My letter

Harry, to start telling you how much I loved your mother, I'll show you a letter I never had the courage to send.

Dear Lily,

You are the most amazing witch I've ever met. You're intelligent, cheerful, funny, and beautiful. Please, you're moving away from me. You're hanging around James Potter and his gang more and more every day. Please Lily, please come back to me. I've loved you since we were ten. I love you for who you are. They only noticed you when you turned into a hot young woman.  Please Lily, I love you, have always loved you, I can't live without you. And they can. Before you came into my life I was nothing, shattered. My heart was as dry and dead as a garden without water. When we met though, my garden flourished. Rain poured down and grass grew, and in the middle, a giant beautiful lily. But now the lily slowly wilts, as I see you holding his hand. And tears fall softly on my cheeks as I watch my Lily leaving.

With love and tears and hopeful eyes that my Lily will grow again,



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