My Heart Is A garden And You Are The Flower {short story}

This is a note for Harry Potter, In case my memories aren't enough, to tell him how much I loved Lily Evans.


3. My apologies

Harry, I'm sorry. For everything. I'm sorry I was never there for you like I was for Lily. I'm sorry I judged you on who your father was. But most of all, I'm sorry you're an orphan. Please don't carry on hating me, please forgive me. I agree, I've seemed heartless, but that was because all my love is for your mother. When your mother was killed, I cried. When your mother was killed, I broke. When your mother was killed the lily that had been wilting in my heart died. The lily fell to the ground and caused an earthquake to start. A crack formed in the garden, and it grew until it split the garden in half. It broke my heart. Ever since Lily left me, my life has been full of mistakes. I should have at least treated you the way I treated the Slytherins, I shouldn't have made you my least favourite student just because you're James's son. Please forgive me Harry. I love Lily and Lily loves you, I should of respected that. So, Harry, only son of Lily Evans, I'm sorry for everything I have done to you. I know I don't deserve it, but PLEASE forgive me.

Sorry again and goodbye Harry,

Severus Snape

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