Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass Like That

I was an only child both my parents died and I was adopted by a family, I still visit my sister who is 25 years old but my life is a horrible it's such a bad life I got to school with this group of naughty boys Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course Harry the naughtiest one of all. My father that adopted me wanted to rape me! What will happen to me read on


3. You love me and we kissed?

I was getting the money that I saved up for lunch but Marisa was at my locker and whispered "Look bitch give me the $40 now! Unless your a fucked up hore!" So I gave it to her, Harry saw the whole thing and he came up to me and said "why would you give that bitch your money !" I told him I don't know why I have her the money?" He leaned near me the moved away he looked at me and bit his lip "Nicole I want you to be my GirlFriend can you please do me the honour and be my girlfriend!?" Ok now I was shocked but I still said yes. He bought me lunch and took me to the park alone? Then he kept staring at me biting his lip then he just looked down at my boobs were "Nicole, have you ever kissed a boy? Ya know ever in your life!" I looked soo embarrassed, I never ever ever kissed a boy! "Well no I never kissed a boy ever in my life" Harry grinned and placed his hand on my back and started to rub my back, he leaned his face in closer to my face soon his tip of his lip touched mine and he whispered "you won't feel a thing" he kissed me softly first and it was AMAZING! After he started to kiss roughly so I joined him. Then he said "I love you" And I was shocked that he said that so I said it back to him "I love you to Harry!" And we both just went home but I wondered should I tell him about my dad?


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