Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass Like That

I was an only child both my parents died and I was adopted by a family, I still visit my sister who is 25 years old but my life is a horrible it's such a bad life I got to school with this group of naughty boys Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course Harry the naughtiest one of all. My father that adopted me wanted to rape me! What will happen to me read on


6. Moving in with Harry

I have finished all my packing, as I leave I take the window can call Harry's cell "Nicole are you safe?" I was out of breath "yes.. I'm fine can you came help me please and so it quick!" "Of course Nicole!, I'm on my way". I started to see Harry's car arrive so I take my things and run to the car, "give me those bags and get in the car quick!!!" I get in the car and Harry drives as fast as he can. We both get out of the car an start to put my things away, Harry hope you don't mind sleeping with me right?" I nodded softly and I sat on the bed what Harry did not notice was that if was wearing a long coat because I was wearing a slutty maid outfit! Harry was behind me the whole time when I took off my long coat and tried looking for my clothes "wow you looK hot!" I looked behind me and he was already beside me "Harry? Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! It's my fault!" But Harry put his hands on her and rubbed his hand down so her can reach her vergina. "Umm Harry, ohh please" Harry couldn't stop!

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