Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass Like That

I was an only child both my parents died and I was adopted by a family, I still visit my sister who is 25 years old but my life is a horrible it's such a bad life I got to school with this group of naughty boys Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course Harry the naughtiest one of all. My father that adopted me wanted to rape me! What will happen to me read on


7. Lost my verginity to him

As Harry rubbed my pussy he kissed my neck softly then started to kiss me roughly As i kissed him back he took off my clothes including my bra and panties then I unbuttoned his shirt and pants "You know i like to walk around naked" "I know your naughty!" He pushed me on the bed and licked my pussy then i gave Harry a blow job. "Man your boobs are sexy they are what I want!" Harry started putting his peacock inside my tight pussy and went fast "ohh my god Harry! SHIT OHH YES FUCK YES THAT PUSSY MMM!" "I'm GOING FASTR OH YA!". In the morning we woke up naked on top of me, "what a night right Nicole?" I looked into his eyes and rubbed his chest "yes that was a night and you stole my verginity!" Harry put his finger on my pussy "no don't worry I'm happy you took my verginity!" "Good I almost but my finger up your pussy again!" I was giggling softly then Harry went to the washroom and I found a book on his desk saying something about using me to find out about what was happening too me.....

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