Harry Turned Me From Goody Goody To Bad Ass Like That

I was an only child both my parents died and I was adopted by a family, I still visit my sister who is 25 years old but my life is a horrible it's such a bad life I got to school with this group of naughty boys Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course Harry the naughtiest one of all. My father that adopted me wanted to rape me! What will happen to me read on


1. I can't tell

I was alone in my room as usual looking at my window until it was time for me to go to my new high school, my step dad walked in my room and slapped my face hard I had 1 tear come out o my eye "why the fuck do you act like this house is yours!" I looked away from him and looked at the time, so I got up took my bag and left him there. As I was walking away to school he ran outside  and pushed me on the ground and went on top of me "you son of a bitch you are a slut!" I got up an said "I'm 19 years old the only fucked up slut here is my stepsister!" He yanked  my beautiful super long brown hair and kicked my legs "what did you say to me bitch! I will give you a chance ok slut go now! When you get home I better see you wear that slutty cleaning outfit I got you to clean the house with!" I nodded and ran to school. I bumped into a friendly face "OH MY GOD! I'm so sorry beautiful what's your name?" I got help from the boy and responded back to him "I'm... Nicole Rosalinda, what's your name?" "I'm Niall Horan" he said as he grinned at me, he offered me a ride to school and I said yes when we were in the car he picked up 4 more British boys who were very good looking but always caused trouble. They kept staring at me read my geography book in the car then Niall asked me "why are you reading a boring geography book?" I looked at him and responded back "we have a test today!" He grinned with the rest of the boys the Liam said "she's a goody two shoes!" Then they laughed Harry told me something in my ear "boys like bad asses not goody two shoes!" I pauses and looked away from him then I telled "I WANT TO GET OFF NOW!" Niall stared at me thinking I was crazy he told me "ok then" but when I got off Louis ran up to me and stopped me for a moment "what happened to your legs?" I couldn't say it was my step father so I told him "well I fell hard on the ground and  almost died" but Harry look like he knew what was happening  so I just ran out of the car and went to school.  

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