All The Time In The World

Eden of the East.

What happens after the second movie? Paradise Lost? Akira leaves Saki there telling her he would definitely come back to her but what happened? Did he come back? Will they be together? Does it end happy? Who knows, this is only my hope of what might have happened.


1. The Journey Continues

"I'm sorry I have to go, I remember that there's one last thing that I really have to do before I can call this game over. if you can wait once I've got that out of the way, I promise I'll come back to you." He smiled at me and I breathed in with a sad tone "see ya. Oh and Hirasawa Panties and Kasuga, tell all of them I said thanks too" 

He then took off running. I gasped. I stood there shocked for a few seconds then when my mind finally caught up I ran past everyone and towards Takizawa. I reached out my hand to grab his and finally I grabbed a hold of his wrist. I was jolted forward as he went back and we went around till we finally stopped. I took a second to catch my back but then I looked up at Takizawa. His eyes just starred back into mine. I took a step closer and lifted my hands to his face, I leaned in and our lips touched. I stepped back and kept my eyes closed for a short time. I then lifted my head up and opened my eyes. 

"You better come back okay? You promised me." 
Takizawa smiled at me.
"I did, "and I definitely will" 
He took my hand and put the cellphone that had been the cause of all this craziness yet happiness in my hands and looked into my eyes, he then took a step back and started running once again. 

Takizawa was gone. 


• All The Time In The World •

It's been seven whole months since that time. I knew it wasn't going to be a quick trip but Takizawa... Seven whole months? 

I'm still staying with my sister and Ryosuke, still have no job, and still without Takizawa. Not much has changed, Takizawa is still being seen as a terrorist which means that's why he can't come back, although it may have died down in these last few months I understand why he still can't come back. But I would really like to know what his unfinished business is. Where is he? What is he doing? Will he ever come back- no I have to believe that one day he will come back to me... He promised me.

The weather has changed, it's snowing. I've been working in the shop with Ryosuke and my sister but I still feel like I'm a bother to them. I've been trying my hardest to find a job but I guess people just don't like me.

"Saki!" I heard my name being shouted from the other room. It was coming from Ryosuke. 
The shop was closing and I was just about to put away the last few cookies when I heard him.
"Yes?" I answered walking into the other room.
"Are you still working? Didn't you have a meeting with you friends or something?"
I was surprised, I had forgotten. We were going to meet up and talk about what was next for Eden Of The East. 
"You're right!" I ran back to the other room to finish up putting the cookies away. 
"Don't worry Saki, go, I'll put them away" Ryosuke walked into the room smiling at me. 
"Thank you Ryosuke!" I ran out of the room and up the stairs to grab my jacket. I walked into my room and looked for my jacket, what I found was Takizawa's cellphone and the necklace with the gold ring. I grabbed them both then grabbed my jacket and ran back down the stairs. 
"I'll be back!" I said opening the door to the cold outside. "Bye!" 
"See ya" Ryosuke waved goodbye and I ran out of the house. 

I started on my way to meet up with everyone, I was half an hour late. As I was half way there I got a text coming from Osugi.
"Let me guess, they already finished?"

From: Satoshi Osugi 
To: Saki Morimi 
We all finished so don't mind rushing over here now

As I thought. Oh well. 

I started on my way back home. My boots made foot prints in the cold snow. I pulled the gold ring out from under my jacket and just held it in my hands as I starred at it. Where are you Takizawa? I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going and somehow I ended up on my way to Takizawa's mall. I was at the boat. What am I doing? he's not going to be there. The boat pulled up, it was waiting for me to get on. 
"I guess theres no harm in looking..." I whispered to myself. I walked closer to the boat. I smiled to myself "This reminds me of when I took Takizawa's hand... and-"
My eye's started to fill with tears and somehow I made my way to the boat and stepped on. The boat hocked it's horn and we started moving. 
"Huh? Wait! I wasn't trying to get on I need to get off!" But I was too late I was already too far away "I'll just come back."

The boat stopped and I was preparing to stay on the boat so that I could just ride back but someone bumped into me.
"Excuse me, sorry-" I looked up at the person who had run into me and they were running off the boat. It was a guy. He had black hair. I couldn't tell for sure but something inside me was telling me to follow him... Takizawa? I ran off the boat following the person. "Hey! Wait!" 
They didn't stop. I kept following him. We were already getting close to Takizawa's place. If I keep following this person I might miss being able to take a look... I didn't stop though. I need to know. 

I kept running as fast as I could but I started to slow down. I needed to catch my breath. I stopped for a short breath when I saw the guy run up to Takizawa's mall and open the door. My eyes widened. 
"TAKIZAWA!" The person ran inside without turning around. I ran as fast as I could. It's him.... It has to be! I tripped on something and fell hitting my knee on the ground. My pants were ripped and without me realizing at the time my necklace fell of. "TAKIZAWA! Wait..."
I got up and started running to the door, it was about to close just as I reached it. I grabbed and pulled as hard as I could. The door swung open and I ran inside. The lights had been turned on and snow foot prints had left a trail for me to follow. I followed them all the way inside but from there they disappeared. I was on my own. 
"Takizawa!" I yelled. I started heading towards the movie VIP room where he stayed. Maybe I just imagined him... I kept walking until I found the VIP door opened. "T-Takizawa?"
I walked cautiously to the door. I lightly pushed on it and it opened up. 
"H-hello? Takiz-" all of a sudden someone from behind me covered my mouth and started to drag me away. I couldn't scream. I couldn't see the person who covered my mouth. I was struggling but it made no difference. They were taking me to the roof. We were in the elevator and I could hear foot steps following us but the person who was covering my mouth closed the elevator before who ever they were could follow us. The person hit the roof button and we started to head up. I still struggled but all I was doing was wasting my energy, at least that's what I thought when all of a sudden they loosened their grip and I had a chance. I hit who ever it was in their stomach and they let go over my mouth. I pushed them away and I turned around and who I saw was the biggest surprise out of the whole day- no whole seven months. My eyes widened as I looked at their face. 
"Has anyone told you you've got quite the hit?" They laughed.
"T-Takizawa?..... b-but..."
My eye's started to build with tears. 
"Wait... Is this real"
"Sure is." He smiled. "I see you hurt your knee" The doors opened to the roof and he turned to look outside for a second. "Come on"
He grabbed my hand and he started running.
"Wait!" I stopped running making him come to a stop as well. "What happened to you in the last seven-"
All of a sudden I heard a loud gun shot and I was pushed out of the way. Takizawa grabbed me by my hand again and ran behind a wall. I looked up at him, I was against the wall with him in front of me, he was looking over the side of the wall took see where the shooter was.
"Are y-"
"Shh" He cut me off . "Sorry but for right now I need you to stay quiet."
"Come out come out where ever you are!" I tried to stay quiet. I tried to even keep my breath quiet. Takizawa started to back away from me. He then took my hand again and put a finger up to his lips to signify to keep quiet. I did as he said. I didn't want to be shot at again. He started to lead me toward the door to the stairs. He opened the door quietly then pushed me toward it. He let go of my hand and started to turn away. I wasn't going to let him stay up her alone with some person who shot at us . I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me. He looked at me for a second then nodded. He ran down the stairs with his hand pulling me along. We went down many flights of stairs when all of a sudden we heard the door slam and foot steps running down the stairs.
"Faster!" He smiled at me and pulled me along faster. Is it really possible? Takizawa finally came back? We ran out a random door and started to run towards a movie theater. "We have to hide"
He pushed the doors open ran inside then let go of my hands to shut the doors without it slamming and making any sound. He watched out the window and quickly ducked. I saw a flash of black go by the window. Takizawa smiled then he grabbed my hand again and walked us to the back of the movie theater. 
"Finally." He let go of my hand and sat on the chair. "Aren't you gonna sit?" My expression at first was still in shock but soon after my eyes started to fill with tears again. "What's wrong?" He sat up looking at me with a strange expression. My knees started to shack and I fell to the ground, I put my hands to my face to try and stop my tears but they wouldn't stop. He knelt down in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders. "Hey... Saki?-"
I pulled my hands away quickly and looked at him still with tears streaming down my face. As soon as he said my name I knew for sure... I threw my arms around his neck and just sat there hugging him.
"You-You're finally back... After seven months!" He put his arms around me. 
"Sorry I took so long Saki..." I kept crying, I couldn't stop myself. "But I promised didn't I?"
Takizawa let go of me and sat me down on a chair
"Let me get something for your knee" 
"Wait..." I grabbed his jacket so that he would stop. "Who was that who shot at us?"
"He shot at me, but just a police officer, you know, I'm still seen as a threat so if they see me than they've gotta go after me."
I was about to say something but he started to walk down the stairs again. 
Takizawa didn't return for a while. I ended up falling asleep. 

Author: I just want to point out now that this beginning might be changed before I continue on. I'm not sure if these actions seem like the Saki and Akira that are from Eden Of The East but maybe as I continue on it will get better, if you guys like it please let me know and I'll make a decision on weather I will change this beginning or not. It maybe be something completely different or just a few slight changes. Thanks! I hope you enjoyed so far. I will hopefully be writing more very soon! 

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