The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

It's been a week since I came home from the hospital and schools been ok. Megan hasn't said anything to me and Louis been down lately. I got my phone and texted Marie, Do you know what's wrong with Louis.  I know I shouldn't care but for some odd reason I do. After class I found Marie and she told me she didn't know so we walked to Harry's locker. When we got there we saw him kissing another girl. Is that Megan I asked. Yes and that's Harry. They pulled away from the kiss and harry saw Marie. It's not what It looks like babe. Oh really you were not just kissing her Marie said pointing at Megan. I looked at Megan and she had a wide grin plastered on her face. I turned my attention to Marie. Come on Marie lets go. Marie was in tears. I-I hate you she said and slapped harry. I took her arm and took her away from Harry. Are you ok love I asked. I don't know she said crying. It's ok love you don't need him you'll find someone better someone who won't cheat on you. She started crying even more. It's ok don't cry. Marie calmed down a bit and we entered the cafeteria. I saw Logan and we went to go sit with him. Wow what happened to you Logan asked. Lets not talk about it I said. Ok so how you been Logan I asked. Good you ok I guess. Marie you ok Logan asked. Just peachy she said sarcastically. 
Marie hasn't been herself after the break up. She's so depressed and I found out that Louis was down because Megan broke up with him. I feel really bad for Marie. She shouldn't be feeling like this she should be the happy carefree person she's always been. It's all Harry's fault if he hadn't kissed Megan none of this would've of happened. I went to Marie's house and found her curled up on her bed. She was asleep and her pillow was wet from tears. 
I decided not to wake her so I walked to Harry's house. I knocked on his door and he opened it. What are you doing here he asked shocked. I wanted to talk about Megan and that kiss. I didn't kiss her I swear she kissed me. So you don't like Megan that's what your telling me right. I don't know but even if I did I wouldn't kiss her I love Marie and Louis is one of my best mates I wouldn't do that to him. Please tell Marie I'm sorry. I will but she won't forgive you. You'll have to tell her yourself. But how she doesn't even wanna look at me. Figure it out harry I told him and left. I drove back to Marie's house and she was awake. We talked for a long time and then we heard a knock. Marie went and opened it. There stood harry. Marie closed the door but harry put his foot in. Please Marie hear me out he said. Marie looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders. Fine harry what she said. IM So Sorry for hurting you Marie. I never meant for that to happen. She kissed me Marie. Sure harry if she kissed you then why did. You kiss back Marie asked. I don't know I wasn't thinking harry said. But I'm sorry I didn't realize that I could of lost you please forgive me but if you don't I understand he mumbled. Marie looked at me. I didn't know what to do. She sighed. Harry she said.



I made another story but I decide to not do it but could y'all pls read what I wrote so far and tell me if it's good spec ayes if it is I'm going to keep doing it as well

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