The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7-

Zayns POV

After I left the room I went to go find harry and Louis. Hey mates I said. Hi zayn Harry said. Louis what's wrong mate,I asked. Nothing that concerns you he said back. What's wrong with him harry,I asked. I'll tell you later let's just drop him off. We all got in Harry's car and drove to Louis house. Harry can you drop me off at Megan's house Louis asked. Sure why not harry said and drove to her house. We dropped him off and then drove to Harry's house. What's wrong with Louis, I asked him. Well he's mad because your falling for Nicole and he doesn't like her. Oh why I said confused. Well she hit Megan and he doesn't like when people hit or hurt her. So yea that's all he was complaining about that a lot that's why I left the room. Oh I said. We got to his house and watched tv and played video games. After that I left and walked around the neighborhood. It wasn't that late so I decided to walk to naills house. Niall opened the door and let me in. I told him about Louis, and Nicole and Megan. It was getting late so I had to get home. I got home and went to the kitchen. MOM,WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING HERE! I yelled. She said she had to tell you something Zayn. What do you want Megan I said angrily. She laughed then said, I'm here to tell you something very important. Well I don't wanna hear it. I grabbed her arm and dragged her out the door. Bye Megan I said and slammed the door. I then went upstairs and went to sleep. 



hope y'all like it cx lol bye ps. ImAPenguin! cx

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