The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4 I woke up the next morning and looked at my alarm. Oh shit I slept through my alarm I said. I quickly got up and took a quick shower. After that I put my hair up and got dressed. I got my bag and phone and left. If I walk I'll get there late I thought. Oh Logan I said. I got out my phone and texted Logan. Can u pick me up pls u less your already at school. He didn't reply so I started speed walking to school. I got to the school late and went to class. I opened the door and all eyes fell on me. Why Nicole care to explain why your late my teacher asked? Umm..well you see I over slept. Ok we'll this is a warning next time your tardy to this class you get a detention. Ok I mumbled and walked to my seat. It was time for lunch and I went to The table where Marie sits. Oh just my luck I thought. Marie was sitting with ,Harry,Louis,Megan,and oh my god Zayn! Why? I walked towards the table. Hey guys I said. Oh hi Nicole Marie said. Harry had his arm around Marie's shoulder. They make a cute couple I thought to myself. I sat next to Marie and in front of Louis. We were talking like nothing has ever happened. Like they liked me and they never bullied me. I was so confused. The questing kept popping into my mind are Marie and Harry dating. What Nicole? Marie asked. Oh god I was thinking out Loud I said to myself. I didn't say anything. Yes you did you asked if Harry ad Marie are dating,Megan said. I just sat there awkwardly and then said well are you two dating I asked. Marie looked at Harry and they nodded. Aww..that's adorable if only it was like that for me and.. I stopped myself from saying more. You and who Megan asked. No one it's none of your business I mumbled. Well don't waste your time trying to impress him because you'll always be a useless ugly bitch. I gasped and just got up and ran out the cafeteria. I heard foot steps behind me but I didn't stop to look. I ran all the way home crying. I tried to open the door before the whoever was coming after me got to me. I unlocked it but was pulled back. What do you want I screamed. I just wanted to check if you were ok. What Megan said was not right your not useless or ugly you're beautiful.

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