The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


16. Chapter 16

guys thansk for the 437 views i was gonna update when i got 40q but i typed some and then i started feeling bad.I was sick for like a week but im back now so yay! so now zayn's 21 21 is y fav number cx


~Chapter 16~


Me and Zayn were watching a movie when my phone ringed.

*phone call with marie*

AHHH!!! Nikki the JB movie already came out we have to go see it,she screamed.

What! Really? No fucking way....Lets go see it!!

Yea we should Justin is so hot..Ugh! I just love him.

haha yea he is hot and I love him too!We can watch it later tonight or tomorrow?

Tommorrow it's kinda late so yea.

Okay see you then babe,I said and hung up.

Who was that and who do you love,zayn asked.

Marie and I love Justin Beiber!

More than me?

hell yea! Hahahaha just playing babe I love you more than JB.I said and pecked his lips.Oh and me and her are going to the movies tomorrow to see his movie and you're coming.

Why,he asked.

Because,*kiss* You *kiss* love *kiss* me*kiss* and i need someone to c ry with me and Marie.

Fine,but only cause I love you and I can't say no to your pretty face.I blushed.

Zayne-boo I'm tired I yawned.I layed down on his lap.and I'm cold i said and snuggled closer to him.He lifted my head up and then put it on the couch.He got up and walked upstirs.He came down with two blankets and we layed down together under the blankets.We feel asleep cuddled together and when I woke up it was 10am.

I went to Zayn's room and he was on his bed playing with his phone.

You are going to drop that phone and it's gonna hit your face,I told him.

Sure whatever babe,I am an expert at th-BAM! The phone fell on his face.

Hahahaha what were you saying expert I said and kissed him.I'm going to get dressed,so you get dressed too!

I went to his closet and pulled out my  dark denim jeans,leopard print shirt and my black shoes with a wedge built into them that had a leaopard strap.( I LOVE leopord print <333)I got dressed and put on some make-up.Then I took my hair out of its braid and it was wavy.I put some hair spray so the waves would stay and called Marie.

M-Marie N-Nicole


N-hEY you ready

M-Yea the movie starts at 11 is zayn going with you?

N-Haha yea he agreed cause he loves me why?

M-cause todays harrys day off and I was supposed to spend time with him and he doesnt wanna go with me and be bored.

N-Oh so sincde Zayn is going Harold is too?

M-Yup see you in a bit we're leaving right now,she said and hung up.

zayn Marie and harry are on their way,I yelled.

Okay,I fixing my hair,he yelled bacl.Zayn came downstairs at 10:43 and Marie texted me that they were outside.We walked outside and jumped into Harrys car.

Harold c'mon we are going to be late I said.

Calm the hell down and don't call me harold!

Why not Ha-rold.

Because then Marie will have a punishment.

What kind of punishment Harold
a sexual one he said and kissed Marie.They were having a full on make-out session.

EWWW!! Okay I get I won't call you Harold again just stop I said.They were still kissing.

Guys stop Zayn said and smacked Harrys head.Harry smacked him back.

Hey! Don't smack my boyfriend I said and hugged Zayn.Harry chuckled and started the car and began to drve.When we got there it was exactly 11 and me and Marie ran inside to get tickets.We bought our food and ran to get seat.When we sat downthe movie started.

Nicole? Are you crying zayn asked.

Yes how can I no that little girl got tickets and started crying.It's just so sad I said and cried more.






Sorrry short but at leats i updated.sorry thats its short but im tire and wanted to updatesomething for the over 400 views

450 views fro the next chapter


-Larry's Baee

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