The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


14. chapter 14

Harry POV


Okay i dare you to put whipped cream on Nicoles toes and licked them.

What! No! eww! why me? nicole whined.

uff fine naill said and got the whipped cream.He put it on Nicki's toes and licked it off.

Okay Nicole turth or dare?


Okay are you a virgin?

Hey why wuld you need to know you perv,ZAyn said.

Yes nicole said and turned red.

Awww is wittle Nicki embawassed i cooed.

Shut up harry she said put the finger up at me.

I would fuck myslef too i chuckled.

Marie,your boyfriend is so full of himslef nicole said.

I know,but i still love him marie said and kissed me.

Stop it you guys they all yelled pretending to vomit.

haha we'll finish this later i told Marie and pecked her lips before returning to our game.

Ohh my turn...Nicole yelled.

Marie truth or dare?


okay..umm.Have you and harry done it Louis yelle cutting off Nicole.

Marie threw a pillow at Louis and was about to answer till my phone rang.

Oh okay mum..yea ill be you too..bye.

Well guys i have to leave andi gave mosyt of yyall rides so cmon mates i said. Louis and liam followed me out(and their friends if someone camewiht them) as well as Marie.

Bye Zayn Niall and nicole yelled.

Nicole's POV

After they all left Zayn went to shower so i was with niall eating.So Nicks can i ask you something he asked with a mouth full of chips.

Sure i said turned to him.

You and Zayn yall have been together for a long time and you guys still havent done it/

Niall shut up i know but like i havent been in that situation were we almost did..but when it does happen then Thats wen I'll most likely loose it..and you?

Me what?

ARE you a virgin

.No this sexy guy isnt anymore he laughed.

Ohh who u loose it to  and how many times have u done it?

Its was to..Love he smiled.

Awwww!! cx

ohh and twice he said turning red.

Haha niall is embawassed i teased him.

Shut up he said. well i have to go bye arling he said and left.

I walked upstairs and entered Zatn's room. He was standing wiht a towle rappec around him and was diggging through his drawers.I starred at his perfect body and one tatto caught my attention.It was heart on his waist.

I like that tatto i said.

Ohh thanks I'm getting more tommorrow wanna come?

Umm..sure i want one too.

Well i know someone there so im sure he'll give one to you.

what do you want?

Well i want the word Love on the side of my ring finger and and infinity sign with someone i love name on my wrist.

He smiled and layed in his bed.

baby..did he r-rape you?

No zayn he didnt almost though.

Its my fault i shouldnt have left...

babe its not your fault....Oh my god Zayn my mom how is she?/

I dont wanna lie to you babe..but she might not make it. She started tearing up so i hugged her and cuddled with her till she fell asleep. It'll be okay i said and kissed her. Zayn i have to shower.

okay i said as she got up.


yes babe?

it hurts.

You want me to help you?

she hesitated but nodded.

Zayn I look horrible..she said adn cried. Ithurts i cant move with pain shoting through my bosy she crien more.

Baby its okay i saw you naked the other day remember...your beautiful.



it was short but whatevr hope yall like it



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