The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


13. chapter 13


sorry for this but a cute guy said i was gorgeous :** (: <333


After they took the guy i went to the ambulance where a guy was checking my baby.

how is she?

she's not that well she has a broken arm and i think im not sure some broken or just fractured ribs.

Omg why my baby why not me i thought.

what about her mom.

Her mom is in critical condition she definantly has broken ribs and she has lots of brsise on her head she might have some bran damage. The youung girl too.

Take them to the damn hospital yall dumbass i yelled.

Sir calm down were bout to go i have to get them settled and theres no were we can put the young girl.

I'll hold her until we get to the hospital.

okay hop in and here,he said passing me Nicole.


*at hospital*


Who are you,the register lady asked.

im Zayn Malik Nicole Augilar's boyfriend may i see her.

Oh im sorry but she passed away a few hours ago.


Oh neverind that was Nicole Agusta sorry for the misunderstanding.

Can i see her?

Uhh yes she's in room 209.

Okay thanks i said and walkwd to her room.

I entered the room and saw my baby hooked up to zll sorts of machines.

If only i never left that orning i should of stayed there and she wouldnt be here right now  said to myself.

The doctor came in to check on Nicole.

How is she?

Well when she got here she blacked out and hasnt woken up yet.

She got here 3 hours ago is she gonna be okay.

I'm going to be honest were going to try to wake her but if she doesnt wake up then she is in a com. Im sorry sir.

Coma? no i hope she wakes up i need my baby by side.

Hows her mom?

Ohh well Her mom is on liffe support,she had to many kicks in the abdomin and head theres a 96% chance she wont make it. the doctor said and with that he left.

Hi baby its me ZAyn please wake up i loev you i said and kissed her hand.

z-zayn she mumbled.

Oh my god are you okay?

Sorta where am i and what ha-ooww she yelped and held her stomach.

were at the hospital and whats hurts?

my stomach....when...i...speak.

Shhh dont talk then i said and kissed her head,I'll be back im going to call the doctor i said getting up.

after the doctor checked her he put a caston her right arm and said she could go home today if someone could take care of her for the week

I'll watch my boo i said.

okay well get her ready to leve in a few minutes he said and walked out.

Oh zayn u dont have to i can stay here i don't wang to ruin your week by taking care of me,nicole said.

Its okay i want to spend time with my boo.

And i wanna spend time with my boo too she smiled.


*Zayns house*


Zayn im bored i whined.

wanna watch a movie?

what you got?

here he said and passed me the movies

Ive seen all of these lets play a game?

Okay wanna play truth or dare i can call the guys and marie?

Yes! okay lemme call them.

10 minutes later they all arived.

Lets play truth or dare louis yelled running in the house.

Okay me first Harry said.

Umm....Niall truth or dare?


okay i dare you to...



this one was long cx yay i would of left nicole in the hospital longer but i dint want to write zayn going back to the hospital everyday so yea she got out lol so i need yall help. HOW DO U GET A BF??? lol i really like this guy and he knows i like him so yea #akward help??!




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