The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


12. chapter 12

i havent updated in forever so im going to make this one extra long cx


Next day


i woke up and checked my phone. Zayn must've gone home earlier i thought. i saw i had a vouicemail and checked it. ''Aww...its from zayn <333''

''Morning babe i had to leave to help a friend with something. When im done with my arens I  have a surprise for you so be ready by four. Love ya muuuah ;**''.

aww hes so sweet i smiled. I got out of bed and went downstairs to get food. When i enteered the kitchen i saw my mom and her 'friend' in the kitchen.  Oh hey mom and....moms friend.

''Hey hun im David, he said with a smirk.''

''Hi...uhh mom im going out with Zayn at four is that fine?''

''Yes its fine and I have to go away on a bussiness trip tomorrow''

''okay mom well im going to get ready i said and headed upstairs.''

''i turned on the shower and then turned on my music. Wrecking ball came on and i started singing. God i have a horrible voice i luaghed and stepped in the shower.

after my shower i got out and wrapped a towel around me. i turned on the blow drier and blow dried my hair. I pluggen im my straighner when i heard my bedroom door open.


the door opened and there stood David.

''Sorry i got lost he chuckled''

''Get out i said and hold on to my towel tighter.

''I dont want to he smirked and walked towards me.

I frooze i couldnt move.

His hands reached for my towel and he yanked it off.I covered my self with my arms. Here i am naked in front of a 40 year old man. p-please leave me alone i whispered. He picked me up and started kissing my neck. No stop i yelled. Moooooom!! i yelled louder. Then i heard the door open and there stood my mom. David leave my baby alone she yelled. He let go of me and walked towards my mom. I took this chance to get my phone and i called Zayn.

''Zayn i criend.. help me''

''Whats wrong Baby he said. before i could answer David took my phone and threww it on the floor. I looked at my mom and she had a large red hand print on her face. Please dont hurt me i cried


Zayns POV


whats wrong baby i yelled before the line went dead. Sorry Niall i go to go i said and left his house.I got on my nike and rode to nikkis house. i was there in five minutes. I swear if someone hurt her i am goi ng to kill them. Noooo stop please leave me alone i heard someone yell. I ran upstairs and entered Nikkis room. There was my baby lying motionless on the bathroom floor. ''Baby i yelled and ran to her. ''Z-Zayn she said and opened her eyes a bit. She was bruised and had blood all on her. ''HEEEEELP!!'' I HEARD SOMEONE YELL. Ill be right back i said and went to where the yelling was coming from. i opened the door and saw a guy kicking and punching Nicoles mom. I wwne to the guy and punched him in the face. I knocked him down and tossed my phone to nikkis mom. "Call 911'' she nodded and dialed the number. ''911 whats your emergency. ''I need elp this guy abused me and my daughter help she said. ''okay police are on their way now''

I helped Nicoles mo  up and took her to nikkis room. I locked the door and ran to  my baby. Baby wake up i said. She opened her eyes and smiled a weak smle. ''Zayn?'' ''Yes its me baby im here its gonna be okay'' i assured her. i picked up her weak body and held her. A few minutes later i heard sirens and helped the ladies to the ambulance. I then led the police men to the guy and they arrested him.



well i hope this one was good cx

Oh this guy called my pretty c; ;***


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