The bullies just touched me get away you whore she said. Then a guy came up to her and said,Babe what's wrong. Thanks god your here Louis this thing just touched me she said while pointing at me. The guy who is louis came up to me and Told me,don't touch my girlfriend you slut.


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next morning I got dressed for school. Marie knocked on my door and  I answered it. I let her in and called Logan. Marie and Logan have gotten closer and I don't think harry likes it. He gives Logan a glare whenever he sees him. I called Logan and asked him if he could pick us up and take us to school. When he got here we got in the car and drove to school. We got out the car and I saw harry leaning on his car starring at Logan.  Bye Logan I said and left. Marie was still talking to Logan. Hey harry I said. Hi he said still looking at Marie and Logan. Marie said bye to Logan and walked towards Harry. Hi Harry she said. Hi he said not looking at her. What's wrong,Marie asked. Can I talk to you privately harry asked Marie. Yea sure. Marie looked at me and I nodded. I walked away and looked for Zayn. I walked towards Zayn and saw he was with Liam and Niall. Hey guys I said. Hi they said. I gave Zayn a hug. Hey babe he said. We were talking and then the bell rang. Oh shit I'm late I said and left them there. I entered the classroom. Nicole u got detention today after school. That's just great I thought. When it came down to lunch I sat with everyone I usually sit with. Guess what Marie I said. What? I got detention because I was tardy. Oh that sucks she said. Hey babe Zayn said. Hi.  Whats wrong he asked. I have detention today after school when I could be at home eating. Haha are you sure you even eat Liam asked. Yes I eat like 24/7 I laughed. 
I'm gonna be lonely and bored I pouted. School ended and I walked to the detention room. When I entered the room I saw Zayn. A smiled formed on my lips and I walked over to him. Hey I said. Hi babe he replied. You didn't tell me you had detention. It was a surprise he chuckled. Take your seats and be quiet,the teacher said then left the room. What are we gonna do for an hour I said. We can always just leave Zayn chuckled. Yes let's go I said. When we got outside I decided I wanted Starbucks. Can we go to Starbucks I asked Zayn. He chuckled then nodded. We walked to Starbucks and I ordered double chocolate chip frappe. Mmm..this is so good I said. It has to much chocolate don't you think Zayn said. That's the best part the chocolate I laughed. Want some I asked. thanks he said. More for me then. Where to next I asked. Lets go to the park I said excited. When we got there we got on the swing. 
*at Marie's house*
Why don't you like Logan Harry? Because I see the way he looks at you. He likes you Marie. Even if he did I don't like him like that. I like you harry not Logan or anybody else. You don't need to be jealous. He nodded and then gave me a hug. Can I take you out today Harry asked. Yes harry I smiled. Ok bye babe pick you up at 7,he said. I nodded. He left and I went to go get ready. 
*back at the park*
You can't catch me I said while running away from Zayn. I stopped and turned around. Where is he I thought. I kept walking until two hands where on my waist. I got you he whispered. I guess you do don't you Malik I laughed. He kissed me and then grabbed my hand. We better get going if we don't want another detention. Fine I pouted. I let go of his hand and hopped on his back. Lets go I said. If we're gonna get there on time you need to walk Zayn said. Fine I said. I got off his back and walked. He grabbed my hand and we walked to school together we got there just in time. When we got settled in our desk the teacher came in and dismissed us. I had a great time with you today Zayn I said. Me too babe. Can you take me home I asked. Sure. He walked to his vehicle. Hop on babe he said. This is not a car this a motorcycle I said. I'm not getting on that death trap. He chuckled and came up to me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bike. Sit down babe he said. I sat down and held on to him. A little too tight babe he chuckled. Oh sorry I'm just..scared. He drove off and dropped me off at home. Thanks Zayn bye I said. Bye he said an then left. I called Marie and then she told me about her date with Harry. I went to her house and helped her pick the perfect outfit. Now make sure you keep this on ok I joked. Shut up she laughed. I laughed with her and then helped her get ready. He's here I said. Ok bye Nicole. Bye Marie. 



this one is long right? anyways that's all for today hope y'all like it and from now one I won't be doing A/N unless it's important to me bye loves <3


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