The Doctor's Bride

Lucy Flisk, abused, alone, and abandoned my her parents, has no one. But one day as she is walking home and sees a blue police, and it changed her forever.


1. The Box

"Get up, you ungrateful brat!" My alcoholic mother screamed. I woke up quickly and ran out of bed. "If it wasn't for me, you'd be out on the street!" She screamed. "Lucy? You better answer me when I answer you, girl." "Y-yes ma'am." I stuttered out. "I'm going out. See you after work." She said. Thank god. My mother has abused me for 9 years, ever since my dad left. She blames me for why he left. She started drinking heavily, and took out her anger on me. I have almost enough money to get my own place, but until then, I'm stuck in this hell hole. I got dressed and ran downstairs to grab a brown banana. I put on my old running shoes and walked outside. Jogging is my method of relaxing. I had ran about 1.8 miles when I heard an odd noise. I quickly turned around to face a blue box. The door read "Police Box" over the top. A slender, gorgeous, man stepped out to face me. "Greetings." He coughed. "I'm the Doctor."

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