Midnight Memories

I stood there waiting for him to come. It was almost midnight. Just five more minutes I told my self. I heard footsteps getting closer. I looked up at the big clock in front of me and looked back at the figure coming my way. I knew right away that it was him. I started walking toward him and he walked faster. Suddenly he started running. I was confused. Be was now yelling at me to run. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I looked to my side and saw a figure comin toward me with a knife. I looked at the clock and saw it was exactly midnight. Guess this was gonna be another midnight memory.


4. Spending the day with Harry

Cassandra's P.O.V

I woke up and got in the shower. It was Saturday so there was no school today. I was looking forward to today. Harry said he had a surprise for me. He said he was taking me somewhere special. I got out of the shower and got dressed in a white crop top that said 'KEEP CALM AND LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND' in red letters, my favorite red high-waisted shorts, and red and pink sandals. You'd think i was getting dressed for valentine's day. I went over to my make up table and applied some mascara, black eyeliner,rosy pink lip gloss, and i was done. 

i went downstairs and went straight to the kitchen. I was starving! My mum was at the stove making bacon.YUM! I went and sat at the island with my dad, my lil bro Jake,my lil sis Maddie, and my twin bro Callum. Yes I have a twin brother. "mornin lil sis"said Callum. He thinks i'm his little sis since he was born only 12 minutes before me. "Morning Callum"i said. I grabbed a plate and two pancakes, 4 slices of bacon, and a piece of toast. What!? I love bacon! I was eating when all of a suden a hand tried to grab a piece of my bacon. I knew straight away who that was."CALLUM!"i exclaimed. He was just laughing while eating the piece of bacon he took from me. 

I finished eating and got up. "Where do you think you're going?" mom asked."Um...to the park."i answered."why"asked dad."I'm meeting Harry there"I answered.I was getting impatient."Oh ok. Have fun,but not too much fun."Mom said and winked while dad and Callum were laughing. I just walked out the door my face blushed with embarrassment. I walked to the park which was only 10 minutes away. I got there and looked around for Harry. someone grabbed my waist from behind. I knew those hands from anywhere.Harry. i turned around and put my hands around his neck with his hands still on my waist. "Hi"i said."Hey"he answered back. We started kissing and it was starting to get heated. "Harry"I said with my lips against his."yes?"He asked."Not now"I answered.

We started walking hand in hand down the path in the park. "So what are we doing today?"I asked excited."well first of all  its a surprise and second of all no i'm not gonna tell you"he answered smirking."Ugh!i hate you"I said"aww i love you too babe"He said smirking and gave me a peck on the cheek. I can't ever be mad at him.


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