Midnight Memories

I stood there waiting for him to come. It was almost midnight. Just five more minutes I told my self. I heard footsteps getting closer. I looked up at the big clock in front of me and looked back at the figure coming my way. I knew right away that it was him. I started walking toward him and he walked faster. Suddenly he started running. I was confused. Be was now yelling at me to run. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I looked to my side and saw a figure comin toward me with a knife. I looked at the clock and saw it was exactly midnight. Guess this was gonna be another midnight memory.


5. Spending the day with Harry part 2

cassandra's P.O.V

We were walking for about 20 minutes while talking and laughing. we stopped walking and i looked up.I saw that Harry had taken me to the carnival i've been wanting to go to. I was so excited.I gave Harry a long kiss on the lips. We got to the booth to get our tickets. Harry being a gentleman and an awesome boyfriend payed of course.We went inside and looked around.

"Lets go on the ferris wheel please"i said giving Harry a puppy face.

"how bout later"harry said not falling for my puppy face

"Fine"I said giving in

We walked around some more until i saw a ride i wanted to go on.

"Can we go on the carousel "I asked

"You are so childish"He said while chuckling

"Like you say lets live while we're young"I said using his own words against him

"Fine,lets go"he said and started walking toward it

we got in line. there were only about 10 people.the  line started moving. we got on a i got on a tiger while Harry got on a zebra beside me.the ride started moving and Harry put out his hand for me.I took it and we were riding while holding hands.


After we got on some more rides, we got some snacks, and there weren't alot of people here.

i had just finished my cotton candy when harry spoke up.

"Come on i have a surprise for you"He said 

"Ok"i said 

He walked me to the ferris wheel and we got on. It started moving until it stopped at the top. I looked at Harry and he was smirking.

"Do you like it?"He asked

"I don't like it, i love it.thank you"I said

I gave him a kiss on the lips,but when i tried to pull away he held me tighter. I smiled into the kiss.we just sat there kissing and cuddling for a while until the ferris wheel started moving again.I hadn't even realized that we were the only ones on the ferris wheel. when we got down,harry helped me out and when i was about walk Harry stopped me. 

To be continued....


A/N:Hey guys what did you think of this chapter. wanna find out what's gonna happen? 5 faves.Good luck:)luv ya<3--ereni:)



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