Midnight Memories

I stood there waiting for him to come. It was almost midnight. Just five more minutes I told my self. I heard footsteps getting closer. I looked up at the big clock in front of me and looked back at the figure coming my way. I knew right away that it was him. I started walking toward him and he walked faster. Suddenly he started running. I was confused. Be was now yelling at me to run. I looked behind me and saw nothing. I looked to my side and saw a figure comin toward me with a knife. I looked at the clock and saw it was exactly midnight. Guess this was gonna be another midnight memory.


2. Big Ben

Cassandra's P.O.V:

Me and Harry had met three years ago. He's in a world wide famous boyband a.k.a One Direction. About two years ago Harry asked me out at midnight in front of Big Ben. Since then we have decided to meet there every night at midnight. It was our meeting spot. About five months ago, we were there one night and discovered that every time we were there, something memorable would happen. And we weren't wrong. The next time we were there we found out something very surprising. That kept happening everyday since.So here i am getting ready to meet Harry at Big Ben in half an hour.

I put on some black skinny jeans, a white tank top, and my favorite black leather jacket. I quickly applied some mascara on my eyelashes and slipped on my white vans. I looked at the clock and saw it was ten minutes til midnight. I grabbed my Iphone5s and quietly slipped out of window. when my feet hit the ground i quickly walked to Big Ben which was only five minutes away while walking. I looked up and saw the big clock in front of me. I heard footsteps coming my way. I knew who it was right away which was Harry wearing white skinny jeans,a blue hoodie and a black beanie. All of a sudden he started running. I was really confused,but at this point he was yelling at me to run. I looked behind me and saw no one. I looked beside me and saw a figure coming my way.He was holding something in his hand.Is that a knife!? that was the last thing i saw before everything went black. Guess that was another midnight memory.

A/N: Hey guys . So how was this chapter? i'm gonna try to update as soon as possible. I'm on fall break right now so i will be able to update alot. Luv ya:)<3--ereni

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