Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


19. Wrestling

Emma's POV

I walked into the gym and my jaw dropped. In front of me were Rob and Harry wrestling.  From the looks of it, Rob was winning.

They didn't notice me. 

" How dare you?" Harry asked Rob," she's my girl!"

"Well if she really cared about you, she would have pushed me away. Which she obviously didn't" Rob smirked. 

Harry threw a hard punch at Rob's nose. It was quickly followed by Rob's knee in Harry's stomach. They both groaned in pain.

"Guys!" I yelled and both heads popped up," Stop!"
Harry took the opportunity to throw Rob off him, and they both stood up.  

 "What is it with you guys?" 
I walked over to them and had to physically push them in opposite directions. Harry tries to punch Rob, but I blocked it before he could make contact with Rob's skin. 

" Harry! Stop it!" I desperately yelled at him.

" Who's side are you on Emma?" He screamed getting angrier with every second of the fight. 

He swung again and I blocked it.

" WHY EMMA?" Harry screamed at me, his face turning bright red. Then he slapped me straight across the face, hard.

I removed my left hand from Rob's chest and it flew up to my red cheek. Everything was silent.

Hot tears started streaming down my cheeks as I could feel a bruise start forming.

How could he hit me? 
I stared at him.

" Emma I-"
I shook my head and ran from the gym. I sat on the bench outside the school, next to the parking lot. 

I just cried. I let all of my frustration out. 
At first I was incredibly sad. I just watched as a tear fell from my eye and landed on the pavement. I watched the darker shade it made the ground and stared at it until more tears blurred my vision.


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