Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


10. Truth....

I walked down the stairs and saw Harry open the front door to reveal two people. A boy and a girl. They were both blonde.

" Hi Im Emma" I said shaking each of their hands. They nodded," I'm Niall, and this is my girlfriend Daniella." 

She rolled her eyes," unfortunately, I'm in love with this goof. Please call me Ella." I smiled at her.

Once they took two seats on the large couch, there was another knock in the door. I went to get it. 

Same thing this time, a boy and a girl.

I extended my hand ," I'm Emma. Nice to meet you."

The boy introduced himself as Zayn and the girl just stood there looking at me like I had just won the Olympics. Such admiration. Zayn nudged her. " oh sorry. I'm Carly." 

She was gorgeous. She looked a lot like Daniella, almost as if they could be twins. Carly had freckles under her sparkling blue eyes, and Ella had hazel eyes. 

" hey sis" she greeted Ella. Ha. They were sisters. How do you fancy that?!
One more doorbell. Harry went with me to get this one. 

This time it was different. There was only one boy. He had brown hair and light blue eyes. He was wearing a striped shirt, and I have to say he looked like a sailor.

" Hi, Im-" I try to introduce myself to him but he interrupts me.

"Hey" he glanced at me and then barged past us into the living room. Okay then.

I shut the door behind me and examined the people on the larger couch, while Harry and I plopped down on the love seat. Everyone had dug into the pizza, except the boy who came in alone.

He was sitting alone on the very left if the couch and was consistently texting on his phone. Suddenly he let out a huge, dramatic, sigh.

" What's wrong Lou" Harry asked genuinely concerned.
So this was the infamous Louis. Harry's best friend. 

" it's  Daphne again. I just.. I just can't Hazza." He started to sob. Harry ran over to him and comforted him. In a few minutes he was okay and eating the last slice of pizza( Niall had eaten it all.)

I examined the room.  I whispered something in Harry's ear and he nodded. He got up and put monsters inc in the DVD drive.

I thought about this night, the boys weren't exactly welcoming. They were nicer than the girls though. These were very boring people. 

I'm always one to speak my mind.  

" Um, guys? Why are you so quiet?"

They all looked at me. 

" We don't want to overwhelm you" Carly said. 

" this is boring. C'mon guys" I complained.

" truth or dare?" Harry asks. Everyone nodded eagerly. 

We all sat in a circle on the floor, and Harry spun a bottle to decide who would go first. It landed on Harry himself. 

" okay then" he starts," Emma. Truth or dare?"
" truth" I say.
" do you want to kiss me right now as much as I want to kiss you?" He smirks.

"Ooooooo" everyone goes around us.

I still need to answer the question.
" yes"

They all burst out laughing.

Ella points a finger at me.
" I've been there once. Doesn't last long."

Huh? What was she saying? Then it was obvious. She was one of Harry's past hook ups.

I hung my head and Harry shot her a look.  

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