Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


24. Time to go


Emma's POV

I woke up to Harry shaking me.

"What?" I mumbled sleepily.



He put his index finger against his lips, signaling for me to be quiet. 

I followed his directions, and listened.

We heard the stairs creaking.




" what do I do?" I whisper.

"Under the bed" he said while taking the covers off and helping me crawl. He made sure that my head was safe and then curled in into a ball under his covers.

I heard the door-

Ew is that a banana peel?


I heard the door open and listened to Harry's mother as she shook him and told him to 'wake up'. 



" Hey baby" she cooed.

"Hi mum" he responded. I giggled. What a momma's boy. 

" Listen, I hate treating you like a prisoner in your own home. " she said and I could hear her sit on the bed. I squirmed around to avoid the springs hitting me.

"So, I've called the hospital. I am headed to a meeting with Emma's neurologist. I am going to see if she can return home."

I heard him gasp.

" Honey, it's for your own good. That girl, is so sweet. She is a great memory of a childhood friend. But when it comes to more than a friend, baby, she brings out the worst in you. You've never hurt anyone ever before." 

I felt warm tears slide down my cheeks.

I heard her sit up and start to walk to the door.

"Mum?" Harry asked and she turned around.

"Are you going to tell her?"
He said.

"Just let her sleep. I will tell her when I hear from her doctor. I will call you after I get out of the meeting. Try not to wake her up. Start packing her stuff."
She finalized.

She closed the door behind her and a few minutes later I heart a distant car engine start, and she was gone.

"It's clear babe"

I crawled out and sat on the bed next to him, still crying.

" Oh baby" he said cradling me," it's all going to work out.

"No it's not Harry. If we know anything about your mum, is that she always gets her way.  I guess we should pack. I just can't imagine a life without you."

He nodded and got up. He went to a closet and came back with two suitcases.

"Let's get packing" he said sadly.

I shrugged and got up. I took the large silver one and headed to my room.

" I'm going to make is some breakfast" I hear him yell from the kitchen.

I stood in the doorway of my room and took in a shaky breath. I started in the closet.

I neatly folded all of my clothes and stood up with the full suitcase.






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