Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


7. The hospital

" Well"  Harry started," you were at a nightclub with Diana, and you were mad at me." 

I didn't remember being mad at him.... In fact I remember being In love with him.

"Oh. How did I get injured?"
I asked.

" Um, Emma. You got raped"  Harry said so quietly I almost didn't hear him.

" Wha- what?"
I was shocked. How did I let this happen. The last thing I remember was being in the taxi and going to the club, in some very high shoes.

The doctor came in,

" Good she's awake! So, sweetie how do you feel?"
The doctor did not look that much older than Harry's sister. This made me REALLY nervous.

" my head hurts and my back is little sore other than that I think I'm just tired."

"Good! At least we know you didn't lose any of your Vocabulary."

I looked at her with a questionable look. Loose vocabulary? What the hell happend?

She saw the way I looked at her and she started laughing.

" Honey you have a minor concussion. I'm going to need to see you every week for the next 10 weeks to see how your memory recovers."

I nod.
Two people walk in the door. Middle Aged people that I didn't know.

" Hi sweetie." The woman cooed at me. The man laid his hand on my arm sympathetically. I jerked away. 

All four of them : Harry, the doctor, and the two strangers starred at me, shocked.

I was so confused.

" These are your parents Emma do you remember them?" The doctor said smiling at me.

These are my parents? I shook my head and watches their faces fall. I felt bad that their own daughter didn't remember them.

" I'm sorry" I hung my head and stares at the ground.

" it's alright sweetie." The man said," who do you remember?"
I glanced at Harry.

"Only Harry"

The doctor and my so called parents went outside to talk.  Harry just sat next to me and held my hand. Every few seconds he would run his thumb over my knuckles. 

The three came back into my room.

" Harry, do you think it's possible if Emma stayed with you until her check ups are completed?" The doctor asked him.

I expected Harry to call people and check his calendar but instead he promptly said," ofcourse."

That was that. Harry helped me get out of the hospital and put his hand around me for support.

" you know I can walk right?" I ask giggling.

He says," not a chance I'm letting you walk!" 

And I laugh as he picks me up and carries me to his big black jeep. I forgot about the shoes I was wearing. Good thing he was carrying me.

 Harry strapped me into the passenger seat and got into the drivers side.

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