Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


16. Smoothies $ cartoons

Emma's POV

I woke up to the sound of a blender. I tried to get up, but my throbbing head wouldn't let me. Dang it.

"Harry?" I screamed.

I heard footsteps running up the stairs.

" oh my gosh, Emma, are you okay?" He said frantically.

I giggled a little at how worried he was.

" I'm fine. What was that sound?" I asked trying not to laugh.

He looked relieved," oh. I was just making you a strawberry banana smoothie."

I smiled, I love smoothies.

" can you bring me downstairs? My head really hurts today" I asked. 

He nodded and scooped me up carefully, carrying me down the stairs, and eventually putting me on the leather couch. 

" thanks. So what did Gemma need?" I asked.

"Oh um. Nothing really..." I heard him drag on. He walked into the kitchen.

He came back with my smoothie, and we watched cartoons. 

I lay my head on his shoulder and he put his head on top of mine. 

" you know that tomorrow you have to go to school right?" He asked.

I sighed," yup. And I'm dreading it."

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