Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


4. "Sex on the beach please"

As we stepped inside, the strong smell of cheap perfume and vodka stung my nose. 

 " I'm Zack" the guy that helped us get in said. We kept on walking, and started dancing at one point. Diana nudged me and pointed to a average blonde guy standing in the corner. She had chosen her victim. 

We had this game going on every time we went clubbing. We rated boys and gave the other a certain amount of money if she could convince him to buy a drink.

" Eh. I'll give you five bucks for him." 
" What?! He's a hottie!"
She pleaded.

" Fine. Ten."

She smiled and whispered ," I'll give you twenty for Zack" before waltzing off.

 I kept walking. I thought I was alone but when I turned around Zack was still there. Following me around like a puppy dog. I was about to say something rude but I stopped myself. I needed that twenty bucks. I slowly walked up to him and grabbed the end of his neon tie, pulling him behind me. 

" um, I don't even know your name. Let alone your age." He said all chuckle-like.

" Emma. 19" I lied. But whatever, I just wanted to have sex. After Harry told me how many times he had done it, I knew I had to beat him. Plus Diana would pay 
 big bucks for this. 

We went to the bar and pulled out his ID.

" what do you want?" He asked looking at me. 

" sex on the beach please"
I answered emphasizing the first word. He smirked at me and whispered," me too."

After just that one drink I was wasted. My phone buzzed-again. It was Harry- again. 

Harry: please Emma! Just let me know if your okay!

Emma:  Not after your little stupid ass scene this morning.

Harry: EM! I said I'm sorry! Just let me know where you are.

Emma: ink

Harry: Ink? Like the club ink?

Emma: that would be the place curly.

Harry: how'd you get it?! It's not safe! Your not  old enough!

Emma: oh please! I'm 17 I can deal for myself very well thank you.

Harry: I'm coming to get you

Before I could read the last text Zack put his hands around my waist and whispered into my ear," lets go somewhere a little more... Private." 

This was it. Lets do this. I try to work up my courage.

We went into the men's bathroom stall. He put his hands on my rear end and kissed my neck. He started pulling down the straps of my dress until the dress was off and I was just in my bra and underwear. 

He clumsily tossed his shirt over his head and unbuckled his pants. 

" ready?" 

I spread my legs wide in answer.

As he started to take off his boxers I changed my mind. I closed my legs and stood up. 

" um, I do t want to anymore." I said a little shakily.

"WHAT?" Zack said angrily. He pushed me down again, and entered me without giving me a chance to adjust to his size. I screamed out in pain.

"Let me go!" I shouted as loud as I could, before he covered my mouth with his large sweaty hand. I started squirming and eventually heard the bathroom door open and someone walk in to the stall next to us. This was my chance. I stomped my feet to get the persons attention. I saw them walk out of their stall and stand in front of ours.

I bit his hand-----hard.
He yelled out in pain and the other guy knocked the door down. 


Then I heard some punches being thrown and someone kicked my head. Everything went black.

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