Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


9. Party!!

When we got to his place, Anne had already got the spare room ready for me. She was really like a second mom to She carried my bag while Harry carried me up the stairs. This place really does feel like home. Harry put me down in the plush beanbag chair in the corner of the guest room. " Are you alright sweetie?" Anne said frantically coming over to me and stroking my cheek. " Harry said he found you outside the school"she finishes. I give a questionable look, and he shoots a glance at me saying to go along with it. I nod at her. " Well, sweetie, I'm so sorry, but I have to go out tonight. It's the annual school benefit, and finally the PTA is letting me speak." I was happy for her. But who was going to take care of me. "Don't worry about it Anne. I'll be fine. I have Harry looking out for me." She smiled and he smirked. God what a funny family. They were all smiles. Anne got up and left to get ready. " You okay?" Harry said breathlessly. I suddenly remember why I was mad at Harry. I remember the stunt he pulled. Trying to do something that involved love then denying any feelings for me. I crossed my arms," I remember why I was mad." I state. His face fell, as it should. " listen, when you were in the hospital, I thought about a lot of stuff Em" a tear escaped out of his right eye. " I don't know what I would do without you. I do love you Emma. I realized it when I found that guy and knocked down the door. I was speechless. I didn't open my mouth. He did that for me? He probably saved my life. Oh my God. This was a big deal. I opened my mouth but my voice wouldn't make a sound. Harry nodded at me and left me in the room. " yell if you need anything" and walked out the door. I felt like a jerk. He had just poured his heart out, and told me that he was the one who saved my life. " Harry" I said weakly, before he walked back into the room. " come here." He came over to the chair and knelt down so we were face to face. I stared deep into his eyes. They were so full of love and longing. " kiss me" I said. He immediately placed his lips on mine. Softly, as if I were as delicate as a snowflake. Like he was afraid to break me. When it was over, I lay my forehead against his. He stares into my eyes, and I stared into his. " let's have a party" he said. " Harry, I don't think I'm ready to have a big gathering"I mumble. " just my best mates and their girlfriends. It's about ten people. Can you handle that? I won't do anything you're not up for" he finished. He was so thoughtful. I just had to nod, " alright." He said one second to me and I heard him use the home phone. " Niall! Hey! Yeah, she's doing fine. Do you and Daniella want to come over for dinner? Yeah. About 7. Pizza. Pepperoni. Ok fine, the large supreme for you two. Got it. Okay. Niall, please! I'm starting to feel like the pizza guy. Call the other boys and tell them. See you then. Peace." What a funny conversation. Well I better get ready. I stood up. I felt slightly dizzy but it wasn't that bad. I went to my bag and rummaged through it. I picked out a nice purple blouse and some grey jeans. I thought it was decent. The doorbell rang. Well they were fast.

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