Harry's Slave

Emma has known Harry for years, but how can a platonic relationship change into a captivating, passionate, and intense romance that will last a lifetime?


2. Club issues. Cute guy!


Diana is my best friend. But we are polar opposites.

She has Light blonde curly hair, and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. She's 5'4 and always wears heels. I have super long slightly wavy black hair and light grey eyes.  

We were doing our makeup for the club.

" does this shade look good on me?" She asked turning to me with a lavender eye shadow above her eye. Ofcourse she looked great. 

" yeah it's pretty!"  She was wearing a silver sparkly tank top and black jeans. I chose a little black dress. So- unoriginal. I know. 
Just to spice things up I got out the tallest stilettos I own . Knee-high black suede ones. I looked like a slut! But to tell you the truth I really didn't care.  I let Diana do my make up and choose my jewelry and we hopped in a cab.

My phone buzzed in my clutch bag. It was Harry :

Harry:  Emma, I'm sorry! Please forgive me! You left without giving me a chance to finish my sentence! Please answer me!

I snapped my phone shut. 

 Diana realized me angrily looking at my phone.

" Who  was that?" She asked.          " Harry" I responded  annoyingly. I told her what had happened as we waited in line to get in to the club. When we handed over our fool proof fake ID's to the security guard he shook his head. 

" Sorry girls. You are definatly not old enough"

"What? I'm sorry, but we've come to this club plenty of times!" Diana desperately tried to convince him. Truth is this was the new club in town and we were trying it out. 

" You" he pointed at me," can go in. The other looks like she's sixteen!" I gasped at his rudeness. " I can't let her in unless someone verify's her age."

"She's with me!" The three of us turned around to see a very attractive older brunette guy rushing towards us. " sorry I'm late girls."  We played along He glanced at Diana and smiled at me. He had a gorgeous , heart melting smile. 

The guard examined his ID. " we'll, seems like you two lucked out this time. Have a good night Mr. Kingsley, girls" and with that he unhooked the large purple velvet rope behind him and let us enter. 


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