When Hate Turns To Love

Harry Styles is a 16-year-old Jew. He lives with his mother, Anne, and they've managed to hide from the Nazis for quite a while. But, one night, while Harry is asleep in a little side closet, a group of German soldiers come in and steal his mum away. Heartbroken, Harry packs up his few belongings and heads to Auschwitz, hoping that he'll be able to save her.

Louis Tomlinson is an 18-year-old Nazi, and he sees Jews as the scum of the earth. He's doing night patrol when he sees a curly haired boy speaking with a Jewish woman through the fence. Disgusted, he drags the Jew back to his house, planning to use him as his personal slave. But, when his friends bring over another Jew, mistreating both young boys, Louis feels protective, jealous, and guilty. What will happen when Louis' hate for Harry turns to love? Will They be able to hide it long enough to go to America? Or will it all end on a battlefield?


9. Chapter 9

I stand behind Travis, ignoring the flow of questions leaving his mouth and just glaring at the Jewish boy on my bedroom floor. From what I could see, he had tripped over the leg of the bed and knocked over a small table, scattering everything. Pens, papers, and trinkets are scattered across the floor.
"Du Idiot!," I exclaim. "Sind Sie ein clutz oder so etwas?"
I stalk past Travis, grabbing Harold by his hair and dragging him back to "his" room. Throwing him onto the floor, I continue to scream at him.
"Dich sind dumm und nutzlos. Ich werde dich töten und füttern Sie den Wölfen!"
The Jew whimpers and shuffles away from me, tears pouring down his face. I go to hit him, but stop moving when Travis jumps in front of him. He spreads his arms, shielding the Jew from my blow.
"No! Bad Louis! Bad! You will not hurt him!," he scolds, shaking his finger in my face. "He is sad and defenseless! I know you're a Nazi and he is a Jew, but are you really cruel enough to kick him while he's down? Why can't you just back off? Go downstairs, make some tea, go to your office, and calm down. Go!"
I scowl at Travis before looking over his shoulder, meeting the terrified green eyes of Harold. Unshed tears pool in the bright orbs, before rolling slowly down his face. The pure fear he shows hurts me, but I don't know why. Huffing, I whirl around and stalk out of the room, muttering a few choice words under my breath.
I watch as Louis leaves, unable to stop my tears as they fall. Everything hurts. My arms, legs, and back from when Louis threw me down. My head from hitting it on the table, and from Louis dragging me by my hair. He's so violent. I thought being here would be a bit better than the camp. I was wrong. It's probably worse here.
"Hey, dude!"
I'm startled out of my thoughts as the boy that stopped Louis snaps his fingers in my face. He helps me stand and sits with me on the bed, being careful avoid the blood stains. I take in his appearance, noting his short brown hair and kind eyes.
"Are you okay? Did Lou scare you too badly? Are these from him?," he asks, grabbing my left wrist and peeking under the bandage, quickly placing it back on my lap when he sees the damage.
"Um... Yes, kind of, and in a way?," I say, trying to answer all of his questions.
"What are they from?"
"He, um, brought me in here and tied me up so I wouldn't try to escape, but the ropes were too tight and they cut into my skin. That's why I'm not wearing a shirt... It was soaked in blood..."
The boy simply nods.
"I'm Travis Conrad. What's your name? No, let me guess! Harry!," he says, bouncing excitedly on the bed.
"Um, yeah," I say, my voice slow. "How did you know?"
"Just good at guessing, I guess!"
We go on chatting for a bit, getting along well. He's not a Nazi, so I'm comfortable around him, and it helps that he's 16, just like me. It seems like hours of relaxed conversation before we are rudely interrupted by a frightened looking Louis.
"Travis, stay with him. I have to go. Zayn has a problem..."
(A/N: Just a filler, sorry. I swear longer chapters are coming! I just haven't been on top of my game in anything lately. But, I just want to say that you guys are the best. Thanks for putting up with the crap on these pages. It means a lot. This update is only 575 words (without the A/N) and I am going to try to get back into the thousands soon. I love you guys! Oh, and Louis is speaking German in this chapter. If it doesn't make any sense, blame Google Translate! Haha. Bye!)

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