When Hate Turns To Love

Harry Styles is a 16-year-old Jew. He lives with his mother, Anne, and they've managed to hide from the Nazis for quite a while. But, one night, while Harry is asleep in a little side closet, a group of German soldiers come in and steal his mum away. Heartbroken, Harry packs up his few belongings and heads to Auschwitz, hoping that he'll be able to save her.

Louis Tomlinson is an 18-year-old Nazi, and he sees Jews as the scum of the earth. He's doing night patrol when he sees a curly haired boy speaking with a Jewish woman through the fence. Disgusted, he drags the Jew back to his house, planning to use him as his personal slave. But, when his friends bring over another Jew, mistreating both young boys, Louis feels protective, jealous, and guilty. What will happen when Louis' hate for Harry turns to love? Will They be able to hide it long enough to go to America? Or will it all end on a battlefield?


10. Chapter 10


Travis stares at me, shock and surprise in his eyes. Harry jumps back,
falling off the bed and hitting the floor. He groans in pain.

"Oh, save it, you clumsy gorilla!," Travis exclaims, his laughter ringing
through the room before he snaps his attention back to me. "Outside," he
commands,walking into the hall.

I follow him, and the second I close the door, he starts talking.

"I will not play babysitter! No matter how clumsy or innocent
Harry may be, I will not sit here while Zayn has a problem! You will take
us with you."

"Okay, one, either you play babysitter, or you go home. Two, Zayn is my
friend, and he only needs me. Three, Zayn is just like me, and he doesn't
want that piece of filth in his home. Four, what?," I say
quickly, giving him no chance to interrupt.

"Harry is no piece of filth! He is a human being! I don't know how you can
live with yourself, thinking of that poor boy so harshly. And those things
you said to him earlier were just heartless! He can't help if he's clumsy!
You just go on ahead and get ready to help your Zaynie," he says, his voice
a low hiss. "Harry," he calls, his voice louder. "Come on. We're going for a walk."

In moments, Harry slips into the hallway, making sure to keep Travis between us at all times. It kind of hurts, knowing how terrified this innocent boy is. And, his fear is directed at me.

No, Louis. You don't care, I coach myself. Caring is being weak.

"Goodbye," I say simply. "Have fun freezing to death. It is the tenth of December, after all."

Travis glares at me, tucking the Jewish boy under his arm. After they leave, I go to my room, hurriedly washing up and getting warm clothes on. Ten minutes later, I'm starting up the large army truck and pulling out, heading straight for Zayn's house. I hope they don't actually freeze...
As we walk down the road, it begins to snow. I don't mean little flurries, I mean blowing snow. Heavy, wet, snowman-making snow. It catches in my hair and laces my eyelashes, occasionally falling into my eyes when I blink. Travis is just walking around, a dopey smile on his face as he looks into the sky.
"I love the snow," he states, doing a small twirl before tripping and falling. "Ah! Cold!"
He scrambles to get up as I laugh loudly. He laughs as well, and we begin walking again. After about ten minutes of silence, I think of a very important question.
"Travis, where are we going?"
"Oh," he says, as if remembering I didn't know. "We're going over to Zayn's. Lou said he was in trouble, and he expected me to just sit there! Zayn is my friend too. So we're going over there to see what's the matter."
My face falls slightly. 
"But... What will Louis do when he sees me there? Or this Zayn person, he hates Jews too?"
Travis just nods, not answering my first question. Suddenly, I get an idea. I kneel down and start pawing through the snow, as if I've lost something. He notices and starts to help me, but I cover him in snow before he can think. His gasps and whines as he tries to get the snow out of his clothes make me double over in laughter. 
"Ha! I g-got you!," I stutter through my laughs, and he just glares at me, muttering under his breath in, what I think is, German.
"Du kleiner Affe! Ich werde Sie wieder dafür! Sie werden es nicht kommen sehen."
Once again, we resume walking, leaving tracks in the quickly-collecting snow. We sing a few songs, and he even teaches me some German words. Like schnell, which means quickly, and schlaf, which means sleep. I even learn to say, "Mein name ist Harry. Ich bin sechzehn, und liebe Kätzchen." It means, "My name is Harry. I am sixteen and I love kittens." He teaches me as we go, him saying something and me repeating it. After about twenty minutes of learning, I remember when Louis shouted at me earlier.
"Travis," I ask, waiting until he hums in acknowledgement to continue. "What did Louis say earlier? After I tripped and knocked over the table?"
He frowns, halting his steps.
"Do you really want to know?"
I nod.
"Okay. He said, 'You idiot! Are you a clutz or something?' Then, after he dragged you into the other room, he said, 'You are stupid and useless. I'll kill you and feed you to the wolves!' But, there aren't any wolves around here. So, you're safe," he finishes, looking at me with a sympathetic smile.
"Oh," I say. "Well, at least I know what it is, if he says it again..."
Travis just nods slowly, opening his mouth to say something before the rumbling of a large truck cuts him off. The vehicle pulls up next to us, and I see an angry Louis behind the wheel.
"Travis Conrad, you get in this truck right now. Your lips are blue!," he exclaims, throwing the passenger door open to let Travis in.
"Okay! C'mon Kleiner Affe!," Travis says, hopping in and motioning to me.
"No," Louis almost growls. "The Jew will ride in the back."
"He'll freeze out there! He's riding up here, or I'm going out there with him."
Louis glares at me for a moment before nodding. Travis reaches out a hand and helps me into the bed of the truck. He smiles at me, and tucks me under his arm to help me gets warm. Louis looks at us and grumbles in disgust.
"So, Kleiner Affe," Louis says mockingly, "are you gay, too?"
Anger runs through me at his question, even though I don't know why. Before I can process what is leaving my lips, I lash out at him in Dutch.
"Ik heb geen antwoord voor u, u kwaad Nazi! Ik mag homo zijn, maar het heeft geen invloed op wie ik ben. Niet dat u de zorg, hoe dan ook. En, gewoon omdat ik homo ben, dat betekent niet dat ik ben aangetrokken tot elke man die me toont affectie. No offense bedoeld om u, Travis. Ik wou dat je me nooit namen uit het kamp, Louis Tomlinson."
Louis' eyes widen as he looks out the front window.
"What did you say?! I heard my name. What did you say Jew?!," he demands loudly.
I whimper and bury my face into Travis' shoulder. He brings an arm up around me, rubbing my back soothingly.
"Louis. Stop being so harsh!"

"No! He is a Jew. I will be as harsh as I want. And, you are 16-years-old. I will not answer to you," Louis shouts at him. 

We ride in awkward silence for the rest of the way. It's about an hour later that we pull into the drive of a cozy-looking home. It only has one floor, and it's not very big. Louis turns the truck off, before coming around to the passenger side. He opens the door and grabs my shoulder, ripping me out of Travis' grasp. He then pulls me outside and throws my against the side of the truck.
"I don't know what you said earlier, and I don't really care right now," he says, his face inches from mine. "What I do care about, is how you are going to behave. When we get inside, you will stay against the wall of the parlor. If Zayn speaks to you, you will answer him respectfully, ending with either sir or Mr. Malik. If I speak to you, you will respond respectfully and end with Master. Am I understood?"
I give a small nod, knowing that if I made any larger movements that our noses would touch, and the fluttering in my stomach would increase.
"I said," he growls, pushing me harder against the truck, "am I understood?!"
"Yes!," I exlaim, my voice strained from the pain. "Yes, Master!"
He gives a satisfied grunt, releasing me and walking to the house. I fall to the ground, groaning in pain. Travis dashes to me, lifting me out of the snow and carrying me to the porch before setting me on my feet and brushing the snow off of my arms and back while I brush it off of my legs and bum. After I'm snow-free, he grabs my shoulders and stares me dead in the eyes.
"You were blushing the entire time Louis was growling at you. You like him," he states. "Don't try to deny it. It's obvious. Well, to me, at least."
His words make a blush spread over my face, and I hang my head. He's right. Some sick twist of fate is causing me to fancy a Nazi. I now officially hate fate.
"C'mon Kleiner Affe."
He leads me inside, and shows me a comfortable place to stand against the parlor wall. Before he can walk towards the couch, I catch his arm.
"What does Kleiner Affe mean?," I whisper.
"Little Monkey," he replies, walking over to where Louis is. 
Standing next to Louis is the Arabic-looking man that helped Louis with me at the camp. He's gesturing wildly as he talks. THey are standing over a brown-haired girl that is lying on the couch.
"I mean, I just went out for a smoke, and then I turn around and she slurs something, then boom! She's on the ground! Her skin is ice cold, but she woke up about twenty minutes ago and complained that she was burning up! Louis, I don't know what to do!," the man, Zayn, says exasperatedly.
"I know nothing about medicine or sickness!," Louis responds, taking a hot rag and laying it on the girl's forehead.
Zayn begins pacing before he notices me. His eyes flash with disgust, confusion, and hatred before he whips around to Louis.
"Pourquoi avez-vous apporté cette saleté avec vous, Tomlinson?," he questions in French.
"Je n'avais pas le choix. Il était avec Travis, alors j'ai dû lui apporter."
I think Zayn said, "Why did you bring this filth here, Tomlinson?" Then, Louis said, "I had no choice. He was with Travis, so I had to bring him." It sure feels nice that the only person that doesn't despise me is a boy my age. I just want to go home.
"Louis, your dad gave you medical training. You should know what this is..."
"Do you really think I paid attention to that?!," Louis exclaims.
As they begin to argue, I creep around the edge of the room, getting to where I can see the girl's face. She's sweating, and, adding on the symptoms that Zayn mentioned earlier, I think I know what she has.
"Mr. Malik," I say quietly, and he snaps his head towards me.
"What," he says harshly, anger painting his face.
"She has...," I mumble the last part unintentionally. 
"Speak up, Jew."
"She has hypothermia," I say, effectively ending Travis' and Louis' argument. "I had it when I was a child from playing in the rain. It's from going form hot to cold quickly, or failing to remove damp cloths before going into a colder temperature."
All of their mouths drop open at my confident tone, but then Louis starts moving.
"Of course! I don't know how I didn't see it! Good work, Harold," he says, flitting around the room.
I nod, sinking back into the shadows against the wall. A few hours later, the girl has been moved to a guest bedroom, and I have moved from standing, to sitting with my back resting on a bookshelf behind me. Travis come to sit next to me, and moves my head to where it's resting on his shoulder.
"Go to sleep, Kleiner Affe," he whispers, his hand rubbing soft, warming circles on my back.
And, I do just as he says. I doze of, going into a world of peaceful dreams.
(A/N: 2,004 words. This is the most I've written in a while! I tried to put translations for as much as I could in here. The languages in this chapter are English, German, Dutch, and French. :) "You little monkey! I'll get you back for that! You will not see it coming," is what Travis said after Harry threw the snow at him. Translation for what Harry said to Louis is, "I have no answer for you, you evil Nazi! I may be gay, but it does not affect who I am. Not that you care, anyway. And, just because I'm gay, that does not mean I'm attracted to any man who shows me affection. No offense meant to you, Travis. I wish you never took me out of the camp, Louis Tomlinson." I hope you guys liked the chapter. Please comment? Thanks! Love you!)

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