♥ iSeventeenforever's Songbook ♥

My Songbook. Jupiter ✌'s. That's me. I write songs. Want your songs posted here. Well, ok. ✌


4. Song Writer's Note

**Song Writer's Note**

I want to announce that, um, once again, that I don't want you to steal these songs,

and that I will be making a music video for "Nathan" and "EmILY" as soon as I can.

YouTube links will be posted, and I will try to post more songs, because I have a junk-load from when I was younger, and I was into all those fairy-tale endings to love.

I mean, we all expect, them, don't we?

Because I would love that. If the world was simple.

**xoxo, A.J. xoxo**

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