Never Say Goodbye

"Well, I guess this is goodbye," she told me and I could see the tears pricking her eyes.
"Never say goodbye, because goodbye means leaving and leaving means forgetting. And I never want to forget you. Ever," I announce and she nods, a tear streaking her dirt stained face.
"I guess since 'friendly' isn't working for me I'll stick to straight facts," she chokes out, her tears causing her to stumble over her words. My own tears stream down my face and I clench the night lock tighter.
"This is the end," she states and I nod trying to hide my tears from her.
"Three," she begins. I open my hand to reveal the black berries staining the palm of my hand. I grab her hand and she doesn't protest. She is the best friend I've ever had and I want her to know that.
"Two," I answer her call, my voice rings out in the emptiness of the arena. Her hand tightens on mine and she raises our arms in the air. A signal, not of surrender or defeat but one of salvation and ending.


6. Chapter 6

Immediately after we ate the nightlock floating ships came and took us away. The best doctors tried to save us but we were long gone by the time they reached us. They were too worked up over not having a winner to their precious Hunger Games. To our dismay though the 68th Hunger Games was such a hit that the Capitol sent out forces and purposely made everyone forget about the trick we pulled. But not everyone followed the order. After all where do you think Katniss learned the trick?

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